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Dil Diyan Gallan movie is a wonderful and must-watch Indian Movie in the Punjabi language. The film was written and directed by the famous Director of the Punjab film industryMr. Uday Pratap Singh“. The film is full of romance, drama, and thrill. The story of the movie revolves around two people, Natasha and Laddi. If you want to download Dil Diyan Gallan movie, you should read the story to increase interest.

Film Name – Dil Diyan Gallan 

Released Date – May 3, 2019


Lead roles- Permish Verma (Laddi)

                     Wamiqa Gabbi (Natasha)

Co-actors- Shubham Gandhi, Chandan Gill, Anoop Karir, Robby Khela, Mandeep Singh, and Gaurav Kakkar.

Read Here Dil Diyan Gallan Movie Story

So, without any delay, let’s start the film’s story; Kulwant Singh (Laddi), a Desi Punjabi boy, is continuing his higher study in London. Laddi also works in a garage as a part-time worker. He is a straightforward and sensible guy who believes in living life without any showoff.

 Natasha is a famous personality on social media who loves to share every moment of her life. She came to London to lecture on using social media in a college. And after that, she planned to shoot a travel video for her social media.

They have different and opposite mindsets, but we all know that the opposite attracts the same thing happening between them, and they fall in love. 

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Natasha was lecturing between students when she noticed that a guy on the back side was having tea, which disturbed her concentration; she told him to sit and listen to the lecture.

Natasha introduced her as a famous and ideal personality, but Laddi had never seen and listened to her because he was not friendly with social media, so he made fun of Natasha and went out of the class. This was the first time when they had seen each other. 

As I mentioned earlier, Natasha wanted to shoot her traveling video, so she needed a photographer. She arranged an interview in a restaurant and met too many people, but at last, she did not find a single person of her interest, so she decided to go; the waiter came with the bill, but Natasha denied to pay and blackmailed him.

Coincidently Laddi was sitting there. He listened to everything and paid the bill on her behalf. Then a foreigner came to Natasha and said he was there for the photographer’s interview. Natasha selected her, and they both went for photography.

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During the photography, the photographer touched Natasha badly, and Laddi saved her. For the first time, Natasha felt good for Laddi and appointed him as her photographer.

At first, they became good friends and visited different places Laddi noticed that Natasha was living a fake life, even what she was publishing on social media, which was also fake as her habit Natasha always used to take pictures and share on her site.

As they started to know each other, their hearts beat together. They didn’t even know when they fell in love with each other. One evening, when they were talking, Natasha’s boyfriend suddenly came.

His name was Fateh; he was also a famous personality on social media and a standup comedian. Fateh was a guy who always used to live in his own world with his social media. He also used to share everything on social media. Natasha and Fateh were the ideal couples on social media but in real life, they were totally different.

Natasha got special treatment from Laddi that she never got from Fateh. Laddi takes care of every little thing as no one can hurt her.

Natasha had never experienced such care, and she loved that, but when his boyfriend came, Laddi thought she belonged to someone else and decided not to meet her. 

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Natasha started her journey again with Fateh, but she always missed Laddi. She was missing every single moment between them, and she decided to meet Laddi. She went to Laddi’s house with Fateh. They had some talk and invited Laddi and Natasha to his comedy show.

The next day on the show, he made fun of Laddi and insulted him; Laddi left the place. Fateh introduced Natasha to a producer and again got busy in his old world.

The producer was there with a bad intention he tried to touch Natasha in a bad manner then again Laddi hit the producer and saved her.

One evening Natasha meets a girl named Reet. Laddi has already shown her picture to Natasha and said that she is his girlfriend. But when Natasha met her she found that Reet is married and when Natasha asked her she shared that she has left Laddi because she wanted to live a luxurious life.

Reet told the truth about her married life that she is not happy with everything that she wanted and Reet suggested Natasha never break Laddi’s heart. This incident made her more thoughtful of Laddi’s feelings because once Ladi shared that he left India because of his girlfriend and the truth was totally different from her imagination.

Natasha’s trip become over, and she came back to India with Fateh. Natasha tried to contact Laddi but he never received her calls, and one day Fateh proposed to her for marriage.

They posted their engagement video on social sites, and Laddi has broken after this. Natasha tried to post her traveling video but she found that some footage was missing.

After knowing about Natasha’s marriage Laddi decided to share her traveling video on social media he tried a lot to stop his feelings, but every time he failed. He posted the video on Natasha’s account. He also shared his feelings in the video, Natasha was preparing for her unwanted marriage when she saw the video she can’t stop her tears from coming out of her eyes.

The fan named Rait, who was reading their story started crying and wanted to know the end, she started finding Natasha because Natasha has not posted any video after that. Rait went to London to find them and from a restaurant owner she came to know that Laddi has gotten married 4 years before, this hurt her a lot that how Laddi can marry any other girl.

Rait took Laddi’s address and went to visit his house. When she knocked at the door, a little boy came and when Rait showed him Laddi’s photo he called him father.

Rait became disappointed and turned to go back suddenly she listen that a lady has called that child by his name and asked who was at the door as Rait turned back and saw the lady’s face she became very happy because that Lady was Natasha.

They enter the house and Rait asked her why she has not posted anything after that video as social media was her everything. Then Natasha gave her a lovely answer that she found her real happiness with her son and Laddi.

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So finally the story of the film ended happily, I hope you guys will love the story. You all must watch the movie from the site provided below the article.

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