Revealing the Challenges and Benefits of Online Learning

Although online classes were already there before the global health crisis, the spread of the coronavirus has led several colleges and universities to choose remote mode learning. It turned out to be the only solution for continuing higher education for students. Although there was turbulence in the beginning, both students and teachers started getting used to the new norm of education.

The spread of the coronavirus has forced several colleges and universities to accept the new norm of education. Every learning material, resource, and instruction is packaged in an online program. At present, it has turned out to be the preferred way of instruction. In this blog post, we will explore all the challenges and benefits of online learning.

What are the Challenging Factors in Online Learning?

  1. Not familiar with each other

It is difficult to understand each student’s learning abilities during online classes. Online interaction is not the same as in-person interaction. Due to this, teachers and students hardly know each other, and thus it becomes hard for them to set up an interactive environment in class.

  • Poor infrastructure

It’s difficult to conduct learning sessions smoothly when you do not have a proper computer, high bandwidth, constant electricity and adequate software. In most developed nations, they are available in public libraries for students who cannot afford a computer or other equipment. However, such quality of infrastructure is only available to only a selected few per cent of the population.

  • Poor motivation among students

Online learning is a new immersive, interactive method for teaching new-generation students. As per Statistica, 38% of parents believe lack of motivation is the biggest challenge children feel when it comes to being engaged and paying attention during class. When you are in a classroom, your actions are being watched by teachers or professors. They can tell when you are not paying attention or feeling distracted. Physical interaction is necessary to maintain engagement with students. Intuitions’ are expected to offer interactive lessons to students.

  • Digital literacy and technical issues

Not everyone knows the proper workings of the software. Students must learn the common etiquette of online communication to understand their common rights and responsibilities in an online learning environment.

The technical problem is another drawback of online learning. Due to this, studies or lessons can be put on halt. It also disrupts your learning flow. They will need immediate technical support to fix the issue, which can take time. Students and teachers this way lose more time.

  • Online distractions

When going through online learning, users often get distracted or sidetracked by texts, online posts, games and videos. Students mostly find online learning boring, and teachers complain about not having enough tools to make the classes more engaging.

Distractions during online classes become unavoidable when students have the free use of mobile phones and laptops during their classes.

  • Poor time management skills

Time management is becoming a constant challenge for students of all academic levels. Online learning adds more tasks to the to-do lists of students. It becomes quite a struggle for students to navigate all responsibilities. There will not be any teacher constantly reminding you about the pending task or the deadline coming closer. Students are used to being under the guidance of professional instructors, and thus they feel out of place when they have to manage their time on their own. Thus, most of the time, students seek online assignment writing services canberra. 

  • Students with special needs not getting attention

Students with disabilities and learning difficulties encounter several challenges during online studying. Usually, students with hearing impairment, dyslexia, autism and other disabilities require extra attention to succeed academically, which they can only receive by attending a physical class. It’s become extremely difficult for them without the interaction of teachers. When we are at home, we are in a more relaxed environment and thus easily lose track of time, or we simply do not care much about going by the clock.

Surely there are challenges with online learning that need serious attention, but we also cannot overlook the benefits of online learning.

What are the Perks of Online Learning?

  1. Getting access to a variety of courses

Students no longer have to rush to campus to meet the schedule at specific times and days. Online learning platforms also open up a variety of career options for students. They can easily get themselves enrolled in their interested course. Students do not have to go through the hassle of rearranging their schedules. Students can complete coursework and attend classes at their convenient time. This also allows them to take two courses at the same time.

  • Repeated access to course materials

Traditional lecturing will leave you hanging with your note-taking skills. There is no other way to revisit the lessons taught in the class. Online study allows you to watch and revisit video presentations as often as needed. If students cannot understand the content covered in the video lecture, they always have the option of going back and listening to it. They will have access to learning resources and materials also that will act as supplement tools when working on their assignments.

  • Learn at your own pace

Not every student retains information in the class at the same pace. Some students find their teacher to be too fast for them. They cannot really catch up to the lessons being taught in the class. But online learning gives you a better chance to absorb and retain information. The online course lets you review the learning materials as often as you may need. Lessons can be in the form of podcasts and videos that you may watch, pause and review as needed. This gives you the luxury of completing easier courses rapidly, thus giving you more time to handle difficult courses.

  • Easy communication with your instructor

You can communicate with your professor through live chats, email, or calling directly. any of will receive tips and suggestions that can improve your online learning experience. You do not get enough chances to talk with your professor during your class, but online learning completely changes the game.

  • Get more time to yourself

 Whether it is for hobbies, family, part-time jobs or other reasons, everyone has different reasons for getting more free time. Online learning gives students more time before sharing their arguments or opinion on a specific subject. Since you will not have to waste more time travelling, you will get more time to prepare for your exams, complete your assignments and revise all your lessons before appearing for the semester exams.

  • Flexibility

Flexibility is the biggest benefit of online learning. Online learning is a perfect way for students to balance their school and work, and it also leaves enough space for them to grow professionally. This also helps students who have a family to take care of, due to which they find it difficult to attend university in the traditional way. A professional essay typer helps you to manage your school/college work on efficient way.


There is a growing popularity of web-based learning in the world of the internet and digital media technologies. The scenario of the pandemic had been more serious than we can ever imagine. It has largely impacted the normal functioning of the world at a considerable level. Although there have been rising trends in online learning, it is crucial to analyse whether online learning can replace traditional education. Exploring its perks and challenges can help you understand if online learning is a suitable option to gear up your career.

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