Simple Cleaning Methods For Dirty Curtains

Curtains are the most effortless way to bring elegance and give a subtle touch to your space. Whether you want to brighten up your living room or are looking for a way to add room-darkening curtains for privacy, curtains can be added to your spaces according to your needs and requirements. An exceptional variety of curtains is available on the market based on color tones, fabrics, texture, and layouts.

It doesn’t matter the type of curtains you are going to choose for the decoration of your home, it is natural for the curtains to get dirty because they are exposed to dust and have to face daily wear and tear. Curtains play a key role in keeping the room looking tidier and blocking unwanted light and dust. In this article, you will explore the different ways to clean your dirty curtains.

Effortless & Effective Ways To Clean Your Dirty Curtains At Home

Curtains are not installed just for styling or decorating purposes; they also offer security and privacy from prying eyes. They act as a shield whenever there are extreme weather conditions like wind, rain, and storms. Cleaning curtains don’t look like an arduous task when you are aware of the proper method to clean them. Let’s have a brief discussion about cleaning curtains.

1. Use a Clean Cloth As Duster

For a fresher and more pleasant look for your Best Blackout Curtains Dubai, you’ll need to wash them. When your curtains are exposed to dirt, they might grow bacteria and germs, which is why it is important to wash curtains weekly or periodically, depending on the fabric of the curtains.

The easiest way you can opt to clean your curtains is to take a cloth duster and dust off the dirt daily, along with a regular dusting of the furniture and ornamental accessories. You can use a lint roller to eliminate the dust on your curtains. Make sure to cover your face if you are allergic to dust.

2. Get Rid of Stains Immediately

A home with little kids might face the most accidents of spilling beverages, and there can be a splash of coffee over your curtains accidentally. The best you can do to keep your curtain clean to treat the stains is to take immediate action and clean off the stain using water or detergent.

Because if you do not eliminate the stain at that time, it will penetrate deeper into the fibers and it will be difficult to remove it after a passage of time. Especially when you’ve got coffee, wine, or mud stains all over your curtains, tackle them instantly. They become stubborn when you leave them unattended and take time when you want to remove them. Besides that, there’s a chance of damaging the appearance and fabric of your curtains.

3. Machine Wash Your Dirty Curtains

When you machine-wash the curtains, you will need to consider the curtain’s fabric type because you can’t put every curtain in the washer machine. If your curtains are made from cotton, polyester, or nylon, they can be washed easily in the machine, but make sure to check the label of sheers and synthetic fiber curtains to avoid the consequences after.

Remove the hardware and curtains from the curtain rod using a step ladder. Shake off the dirt outside and put at least two curtains at a time in a machine with a delicate cycle. Use cold water while cleaning the curtains in a machine because it can fade or change the color of the curtains.

4. Use Hands To Wash Dirty Curtains

Washing curtains with your hands might be exhausting for you, but it is the perfect way to sustain the quality of the fabric and appearance of your curtains. To wash the curtains with your hands, take a tub and add lukewarm or cold water to it. Add a few drops of quality detergent that doesn’t contain bleaching agents and stir it properly in the water.

Submerge your curtains in the water and use gentle hands to wash the curtains. Rinse the detergent from the curtains and let them dry in the fresh air after squeezing the excess water from the curtains. Hand-washing the curtains is the safer route to protect your curtains from damage and maintain their visual appeal.

4. Use Steaming Method Or a Vacuum Cleaner

Steaming is another solution to clean curtains. If your curtains are too large or bulky in size, you can go for steam cleaning of your curtains. Curtains in Dubai that can be cleaned in the washing machine are best for steam cleaning.

You can check the label on the curtains before you use the steam on them, as there can be a precaution on the curtain label. If there’s no warning, you can go ahead with the steaming process. Other than steaming, vacuum cleaners and a handheld steamer are the most effective ways to clean out the dirt from the curtains.

5. Use Homemade Cleaner Or Dry Clean the Curtains

You can make homemade natural solutions to clean your curtains. The best benefit of having a homemade cleaner is that it’ll not contain toxic materials that can damage the textile and look of your curtains. 

Moreover, you can save the money that you’ll spend on buying commercial cleaner. For dry cleaning, you can either DIY or send it to a nearby shop for effective cleaning so that the fabric doesn’t shrink.

To End Up!

Here’s an end to the simple cleaning methods for dirty curtains that are quite easy if you are adopting the right way based on the manufactured fabric and designs of curtains. Washing the curtains is either done by using a washing machine or by hand.

You can use a cloth duster to dust off the dirt, and if your curtains get stains, try to clean them immediately. Moreover, steaming and dry cleaning is also effective ways to clean dirty curtains.

If you want your home to be as neat and tidy as possible, you will want to learn the best ways to clean the curtains. Curtains are a place where dust, dirt, and other contaminants tend to accumulate. For those of you who want a cleaner home, try these cleaning methods

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