Skateboarding At Night: Why Do It & How To Make It Safe

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Choose the right place.


Skateboarding in the wrong place is a sure way to get injured. Note that skateboards are used on smooth surfaces. If you are doing this on a rocky road, you are more likely to be injured when your board is damaged. Wet and poorly lit areas should also be avoided.


Know your limits.


Did you know that novice skateboarders are responsible for one-third of skateboarding-related injuries? It shows that if you are a beginner, you first need to know the dos and don’ts of skateboarding. An injured skateboard is part of learning. But broken bones and head injuries are proof that you’ve already taken the sport a long way.


Use a high-quality skateboard.


You have been repeatedly told that longboarding at night can be risky. If you are doing this with a low-quality board then you are doubling the risk. How do you choose the best skateboard? First, consider your level. If you are an apprentice, look for the perfect one for beginners.


Next, think about your weight. Keep in mind that not all boards can withstand a 240-pound skateboard for long. Other things to keep in mind are the flexibility of trucks, wheels, and decks. Don’t just focus on deck graphics. Your board needs to be sustainable and easy to strategize.


A cheap, low-quality skateboard can be easily damaged. You don’t want to fall off the board yourself because the wheel gets loose, right?


Learn the right way to fall.


Have you ever wondered why professional skaters don’t injure themselves every time they fall off the board? This is because they have already mastered the right way to fall. One way to do this safely is to land on your back or shoulders.


One of the first reactions during a fall is to prevent it by throwing your hand out. As a result, you find yourself in a fragile state of the wrists and extremities. But, when you consciously see that you are landing on your back or shoulder, you are less likely to get injure.


Another way to fall safely off the board is to fall to the side. You fall into one arm while protecting your head while rolling over your back. This reduces your risk of serious injury because your weight will be evenly distribute over the entire back of your body.


 Wear protective gear.


Choosing which protective gear to buy can be difficult. Want to know which one you want to prioritize? If you are still a beginner investing in these gears, the following should be your priority:


Brightly colored fabric


Wearing brightly colored clothes will make you visible at night. This does not mean that you have to wear that neon-colored safety jacket.  Don’t make the mistake of wearing dark clothes that drivers will only see when they are about to hit you.




Can you use a helmet designed for riding a bike? Yes, you can definitely use a multi-sport helmet. This protective gear comes in many shapes, sizes, designs, and brands. Choose the one you like.


Skateboard helmets are either full-face or half id. There are also LED helmets. What is the best type of helmet? The best helmet that meets the US CPSC safety standards. Of course, security goes well with comfort. Look for a helmet that has the ability to moisturize so that your head feels comfortable even when you sweat while skateboarding.




A headlamp is crucial to make sure your front path is well lit. Wearing headlamps you can clearly see holes and other roadblocks that you may encounter at night. It also comes in different styles and prices. You can choose the one below 20 20 or the more expensive one.


What are the other important features to look for in a headlamp? Other features to look at in the headlamp are water-resistant, USB rechargeable, and LED mode for night vision.


Board lights


It can be attach to trucks. It must have the ability to emit light from three to ten feet fast. It helps you see what’s on the street in front.


A good board light is one that is able to withstand vibration, as well as its impact every time the board hits the road. It is better to look for water-resistant and lightweight. 


Wrist, elbow, and knee pads


These pads are very important because they prevent your wrists, elbows, and knees from breaking. But, how can you tell if the pad provides adequate protection? 


The best pads should have velcro straps that are stiff enough to ensure safety, proper fit, and comfort.




Skateboarding can be a very versatile pursuit. But before you think of converting it into your own pleasure and desire, think of security first. As your vision shrinks downwards, make sure your board is durable enough to withstand road obstacles. When you stretch further in the middle of the night, see that you is equip with all the necessary protective gear.



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