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Top 5 Tips to Choose Right Paper Bags for Your Clothing Business

The style-conscious people love to get attached to an apparel brand that gives quality a top priority. Paper bags you are using for clothes also put a strong impression on them. Spend some time thinking about the targets you need to achieve from these bags, and then choose the right one as a presenter of your boutique. Here are 5 amazing tips for choosing a suitable bag for your clothing brand.

Consider product size and weight 

Each clothing item is not of the same size and weight. Moreover, every brand also deals in different types of wearables. Therefore consider this factor while choosing custom paper bags. Your whole investment and efforts can get wasted in case it appears later that the bags you have ordered are not up to the mark. It is better to get them in different sizes with the same detailing. It will help you save funds by using a small size for a certain part of suiting. Similarly, you can also deliver more than one product in a single bag of extended size. Consider the weight of apparel you are selling as well, and then use a strong material accordingly.

Choose age and gender-specific colors

A blank brown packaging is unable to create a charm for the customers. Therefore make your custom printed paper bags colorful and engaging. Think about the moment buyers will be holding your products in them. Avoid using such colors that are irritating to the eyes or cause any kind of syndrome. Design them according to your target customers. People belonging to different genders and ages have separate color choices. However, everyone loves colors that are a sign of a happy life. Therefore, you can use a few sharp colors for the kids, like yellow. Similarly, often pink color is associated with women but try to use your bags in different colors. Considering the brand theme is also vital as some brands are associated with certain types of colors. Black, white and blue colors are loved by people of every gender and age group.

Ensure the sustainability factor

With the innovation in technology, some wrong practices are also indulged in the production of different packaging types. Sometimes brands use a plastic sheet over the paper bags wholesale to increase their life cycle. An alternative is achieving the same goal is the use of different types of coatings as a finishing. It will not only increase the life of the bag but will preserve its shine and print quality. There are some aqueous-based coatings as well that are completely considered safe for the environment. It will also present your clothing brand as a promoter of sustainable practices that will help you later get recognized in the market positively. Moreover, avoid the use of bleaching during the production of raw kraft paper material.

Give customer ease a top priority

Fulfilling all the needs of customers is essential when you want to take your boutique to a new level. The use of the handles is a vital factor that you should think about during the production phase. You can craft the handles with the material that is used to produce the custom paper bags. But, it can create trouble for consumers when they have to carry several such bags. Therefore, using the fabric or rope handles is an ideal approach in this regard. It will allow them to carry a maximum of them with much ease and even with a single hand. Moreover, make them sturdy enough that they could be used later for other purposes as well. Encouraging such reusability can increase your sales volumes as well.

Ponder your marketing needs

Why rely on providing a carrying facility to customers only? While you can get much more benefits with the use of custom printed paper bags. Using them in blank conditions will benefit you less. Therefore, use highly printable material that could aid you in representing your brand. Use the gold hot foil stamping technique to display the logo. Display the social links of your brand and address to the main brand website so that people can know more about your business and products. Usually, people also love to gift such clothing items to their loved ones. So, it will also help you to reach new potential customers. Additionally, it will lower down the budget you are spending on the marketing needs.

It is quite clear to understand that you can skip a lot of benefits on buying readymade paper bags. So, go creative and think about your requirements earlier. It will help you to get a perfect solution that could fulfill all of your needs in the minimum spending. It will help your clothing business rise in a short time.

Learn About The Different Types of Paper Bags

Paper bags are becoming more and more popular nowadays as people are more concerned about the environment. But being environmentally friendly is not the only reason for the popularity of these bags. they can use them for several purposes as well. You can use them for carrying things, for packaging, and many more. 

However, one of the biggest advantages of these paper bags is that they can customize them easily according to the needs of a business. That is why these bags are more of an opportunity for businesses to market their products and brand. Plus, you can find different colored paper bags that provide businesses more opportunities to market their brand and products in ways they want.

Different types of paper bags

There are various options that you can find on the market when it comes to paper bags. These bags come in different sizes and shapes according to the needs of your business and your customers. And each type of bag can come in different colors, such as white paper bagsblack paper bags, and more. So, here are different types of paper bags that you should be familiar with.

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Type 1. S.O.S bags

We will start with the one and only SOS bags that are mainly used to carry lunch to offices, schools, and other such places. SOS stands for Stand-on-shelf, and these bags are very similar to kraft bags when it comes to their design.

SOS paper bags are widely popular for their utility, durability, and capacity. You can easily recognize them, thanks to their iconic brown color. But nowadays, you can find these paper bags in different colors. They are more reliable than kraft paper bags and make an excellent choice for gifting and packaging. 

Type 2. Merchandise bags

Businesses mainly use merchandise paper bags as they can serve great purposes for them. There is no doubt that these bags are of high quality. But that is not the only advantage they have. These bags are also very stylish and dependable. 

Whether you own a small retail store or a big one, these bags can be very helpful for you in promoting your business. With just the basic customization, you can attract potential customers to your business.

Type 3. Euro tote

Euro tote bags are sophisticated lunch bags. They look very similar to SOS bags but with fancy handles and different types of surface finishes. A lot of high-end retailers use euro totes for branding and attracting more customers. You can easily customize these bags for your brand and products.

There are various types of paper bags that businesses can use to promote their brand and products. These are just some of the most popular ones that you can consider using for your business.