The Customer Effort Score: Way to Measure Customer Loyalty

If you’re looking for a method to gauge the loyalty of your customers and be aware of what CES mean, it’s known as the effort score for customers. It is a brand-new metric that measures the amount of effort a customer puts into order with your company.

The customer effort score was discovered in a model created by Harvard and MIT researchers. They found that higher effort results in less satisfaction among customers.

Researchers wanted to know why customers switch providers by looking at the data of millions of cell phone users. They discovered that consumers change providers only when it is too difficult or costly to keep their current service.

What’s a score for customer effort?

According to BizzTechInfo and itsworldofi, a score on customer effort determines how much effort an individual customer is required to complete an order with your company. It is based on three elements: frequency, time, and pain points. Time is the duration necessary to allow a voice of the client program to accomplish things, such as searching for details on your site or making an appointment to receive service.

Frequency is the term used to describe how frequently customers perform the same action throughout their experience with you (for instance, if they have to renew their subscription each year). A pain point is any activity within the process that can cause irritation or discontent (such as having trouble communicating with customer service lines).

The aim is to cut down each customer interaction’s duration, frequency, and problems. Doing this will provide your customers with an improved experience and help customers to conduct transactions with you.

How do I determine the score of customer effort?

When you think about this metric, it’s simple to comprehend what ces mean. This formula says:

Effort = Time x Frequency x Pain Points

To illustrate, let’s imagine that you manage an online shop that sells electronic items. There are a variety of items and services. Some are priced more than others, and customers may have different interest levels (also called price sensitive). For companies to sell expensive products such as smartphones and laptops, they must ensure their safety during shipping.

You can utilize a padded envelope or even a box, but the kind of packaging you choose will impact how much effort buyers must spend on getting their items. If the thing they’re purchasing is less than $200, they’ll probably be okay with receiving an envelope through the mail rather than boxes; however should they decide to spend $1000 on a laptop that’s brand new or a tablet, it could be worthwhile to spend more on shipping to ensure that the computer will arrive safely.

The same reasoning applies to any product. For example, selling something for under $100 could be worth investing more in shipping to ensure buyers do not have to wait very long to get their items. On the other hand, if they invest $10,000 in an investment portfolio, it would be better to spend additional money on packaging since the worth of the investment is far greater than the price of shipping.

What’s an excellent Customer effort rating?

If you’re selling items worth a large amount of money, it is essential to have an excellent customer satisfaction score. A high CEM will allow you to reduce the work a customer has to complete to receive their purchase and make it simpler for them to believe in your business.

Suppose someone spends $1,000 for something only to add another $20 to shipping costs because they prefer to do something other than receiving it directly through Amazon or eBay. If they feel they’ve been let down, this may cause them to shop elsewhere the next time instead of buying another item from you.

The secret to having an impressive CEM can be to create a website that is as simple for your buyers to purchase from your site. Your website should be user-friendly and straightforward to navigate so that users can easily find the information they seek. Also, it would be best if you offered incentives like discounts or shipping for free on big purchases. This can assist in reducing any additional costs your buyers might have paid when they decide not to buy directly through Amazon and eBay.

There is a difference between NPS in comparison to the CES

It’s because the NPS is an indicator of customer satisfaction. The CES is, contrary to what it says, an indicator of customer loyalty. The CEM blends these variables into one figure so businesses can quickly assess customer loyalty and overall satisfaction performance.

CEM is an effective instrument to measure customer loyalty. However, it has shortcomings. For instance, it doesn’t look at the size of your business or the number of customers you have. As a result, smaller companies may have better CEM ratings than larger businesses with more products and services.

The CEM will not also consider whether your customers would endorse your business to others. This means that while it might give you an idea of their level of satisfaction with the services and products that you offer, it will not reveal anything about their willingness to recommend their experience to other customers.

What is the reason you should be able to measure your score on customer effort?

Efficiency can indicate the effort it takes to get customers to engage with your company. If a customer has to fill in too many forms or go through many hoops, they’re likely to not return to your business. Therefore, it’s essential to implement an approach based on the customer’s service program for greater customer satisfaction.

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The CEM is an excellent way to gauge how difficult it is for your customers to deal with you. It can let you know whether your mobile app or website is user-friendly and whether your customer service representatives are knowledgeable and helpful.

The CEM needs to determine the likelihood that customers will recommend your company to others. Therefore, although it may give you an idea of how happy they are with your products and services, it keeps the information about their willingness to share their experiences with other customers private.


This article should answer your confusion about what ces mean. First, the score of the customer’s effort is a valuable measurement as it helps you remove the friction that leads to poor customer satisfaction and high attrition of customers. Then, you can put your energy and time into reducing the work required by customers who are likely to leave and give them more reasons to keep them loyal.

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