The Do’s and Don’ts of Choosing Window Treatments


Window treatment may be the last thing you add to the interior design of a home, but never the least. They can dress a room up or down instantly! That’s the reason you should not wait till the end to choose the right kind of window treatments for your house.

Professional interior designers often find the perfect treatments long before it’s time to install them. As soon as you start designing, take a step back and look for an option that can tie the whole look together. And it is not just about the aesthetic appeal. Modern window treatments are a lot more than that. They can control the amount of light and noise, make your house energy-efficient, and offer safety as well.

A lot goes into the process of choosing window treatments for your home. We have listed down the do’s and don’ts of this process to make the hunt easier for you!

Do’s Of Choosing Window Treatments

Consider The Function Of Window

Always consider the function of each window before you choose window treatment for it. Do you need to block the light in the room? Or do you want to keep it more formal? Are there any children or pets in the house? If yes, you need to consider the safety factors.

Think about all such questions before you make any purchase. Every room in your house is used for different activities and thus the window treatments can vary. Whether you need more privacy, natural light, or noise reduction, know your goals and discuss them with a designer or vendor.

Always Take Accurate Measurements

Measurements can make or break the entire window treatment installation project. You can either take the measurements on your own or hire an expert to take them. The latter saves you from a lot of stress. While it is not impossible to take measurements on your own, homeowners find it confusing especially because of the different product lines. Whether you need an inside mount or an outside mount, the decision and measurements can be overwhelming. Do whatever it takes to be accurate about these figures!

Allocate Budget For Every Room

Budget considerations limit your window treatment options but don’t let this come into the way of the cohesive look of your home. Think about the particularly challenging windows in your home. Set aside the budget for them in starting so you don’t end up overspending on them.

The smartest solution is to assess the function of window treatments in each room, list down the desirable features and then divide the budget into portions. A little planning at this stage can allow you to make better decisions for the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Opt for Layered Window Treatments

If your goal is to have windows that allow a lot of natural light imparting light and an airy feel to your room, you need sheer fabric curtains. But what about the hours when you need to block the light? Add a heavy drape. Layered window treatments allow you to play around with the style and functionality of your room windows. Pick the right fabrics for layers to add a lot of drama and dimension to your window.

Don’ts Of Choosing Window Treatments

Skimp On Measurements

This is going to cost you a lot more than you expect it to! When you skimp the measurements, you either pick the wrong kind of materials or install them at inappropriate dimensions. Consult an expert to take the initial measurements.

If you want to make your room look more expansive, you need to install the rod a few inches higher. Curtains a few inches higher and wider can transform the look and offer you more freedom with light filtering. Thus skimping the measurements can cost you money, functionality, and even your privacy at times.

One Size Fits For All Solution

There are no one-size-fits for all solutions when it comes to window treatments. No matter what the company tells you to sell their products, know that each room is different. Although the measurements for different window frames may be the same, the functionality differs and thus you have to make the adjustments. For example, you need diffused light in your TV room to reduce the glare but that is not what you require in your kitchen!

Be Afraid To Keep It Simple

Simple is elegant. You don’t have to overdo the window treatments to make a style statement. Layering is an excellent way to boost style but overdo at the wrong places and compromise the entire look. If it compromises the functionality of a window, even the best of the window blinds will get annoying for you.

When it comes to choosing window treatments for home, keeping tabs on everything is not an easy feat. If you are feeling overwhelmed already, hire the best window treatment company in your area for choosing a style that fits your home.






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