Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park or Kanha Tiger Reserve is situated in the middle Indian region of Madhya Pradesh, Kanha National park was made on 1 June 1955, and in 1973 was converted into the Kanha Tiger reserve and there are 150 tigers in Kanha National park. It is the biggest National park in Madhya Pradesh. Kanha National Park covers an area of 940 square km in the two regions Mandla and Balaghat and is constrained by Madhya Pradesh Woods Division. It is popular for the Illustrious Bengal Tiger and different creatures and organic species. Kanha National Park have one of the bravest Tiger name Munna “King of Kanha”

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Population of Tigers

  • 2,967 (2018) Tigers in India
  • 526 Tigers in Madhya Pradesh
  • 150 Tigers in Kanha Tiger Reserve

Things to do in Kanha National Park

  • Nighttime Safari
  • Wildlife Safari
  • Kanha Museu
  • Elephant Safari
  • Village Tour
  • Nature Tracks for Nature Lovers
  • Trekking
  • Camping

Jungle Safari in Kanha 

Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh stays open for guests from October fifteenth to June 30th. The best time for a wildlife safari in the recreation area is between November and February, as the cool air according to the environment of central India, becomes ideal for spotting creatures.

You can arrive at Kanha National Park via Air, Street, and train from most pieces of India. There are many plans like jeep safari, Kanha Wildlife bundle, and some more if you need more subtleties.

Tips for Tiger Sighting

Small Creatures make a sound when they see large felines (like Tigers, Panther, and Puma) inside their reach, to provide some insight into different creatures in the backwoods that big predators felines are pulling closer, a few creatures give alerts in the woodland of Nagarhole (Kabini) and Bandipur. Sambar, Spotted Deer, Woofing Deer, and Langur, Langur’s heart is fragile to the point that regardless of whether Tiger thunder in a good way, it would tumble down from the tree. These caution brings in the woods will build your possibilities of Tiger locating.

Where to stay in Kanha National Park

As may be clear, there are multiple activities in Kanha! On your outing, stay at the Club Mahindra Kanha Resort. The hotel offers pleasant and open rooms with a large group of present-day comforts. The rich hotel in Kanha has an in-house café where you and your family can enjoy the delightful nearby food of Madhya Pradesh. The tasty undertaking will fulfill your desire for new and natural food while vacationing in this lovely state. Plan your experience tour to Kanha to feel the mind-boggling natural life and plentiful greenery. You can likewise peruse Club Mahindra surveys online to peruse the reviews of different visitors before you make a booking.

Do & Dont’s 

The wilderness is the home of the creatures and the birds, and, as a vacationer, we are their visitors. Later, it is vital to remember a couple of things and carry on reasonably for a safe and bother-free insight. It is prudent (and important) to slow drive. It isn’t just so you can encounter everything near you with your capabilities as a whole, however, it is likewise to protect the creatures. Speeding can prompt risky accidents that ought to be kept away from no matter what. Remaining in the Jeep consistently is additionally critical. It is additionally fitting to be out and about in and zone that is relegated to you – don’t wander from them.

Moreover, it’s implied, littering is a major no. Smoking or getting fires going of any sort is as well. Ultimately, remember that the public park is a tremendous region, and you probably won’t have the option to see a tiger on a road trip, and that is alright as well. Nonetheless, the recreation area won’t frustrate me in conveying an experience that could only be described as epic.

Flora & Fauna  


Here we can track down 10 varieties of Flowering Plants having a place with 506 genera and 134 families. Here we can likewise find 22 types of Pteridophytes plants having a place with 14 genera and 14 families. Its botanical variety likewise incorporates 2 types of Gymnosperm plants having a place with 2 genera and 2 families, with oceanic plants of 50 species. Here 18 plants are of interesting classifications. In given beneath table, we have shared the vegetation type data of the Kanha tiger reserve with their portion in rate.


Kanha public park has a rich faunal variety. They are the lifeline of the Kanha tiger reserve, spread over the Satpura mountain framework. During our safaris, we cover fundamentally Banjar waterway valley in this manner Hallon stream valley remains generally immaculate to sightseers. It addresses common deciduous backwoods of the tropical district. Here we can track down around 297 bird species, in excess of 32 warm-blooded animal species and numerous reptile species. It has numerous tabletop green slopes with valleys, moving glades, and so forth. This offers a rich mix of vegetation and geology, offering asylum to an assortment of herbivores and carnivores.


The primary herbivores, found in Kanha tiger hold, during wilderness safaris are Spotted deer (Pivot hub), and hard-ground Barasingha. A few ever so often-seen herbivores are Dark buck (Antilope cervicapra), Woofing deer (Muntiacus muntjac), and Four-horned gazelle.


A portion of the well-known carnivores of Kanha tiger hold is Tiger (Panthera tigris), Panther (Panthera pardus), Indian Wild Canine Indian Fox, and so forth. Among scavengers, we can track down Striped Hyaena (Hyaena) and Jackals.


Here can find in excess of 297 bird species which incorporate wetland birds, nighttime birds, flying predators, ground-taking care birds, ethereal-taking care birds, and arboreal birds. It implies whether you are remaining in retreat or in town or center zones or cradle zones. While visiting Kanha public park, birdwatching is something that we can do even without going on a wilderness safari. An enormous number of bird species can be located on town side courses like Mocha to Khatia, Mocha to Boda Chapri course, Mocha to Manegaon backwoods, and Mocha to Kumadehi course. In the event that your inn is on the Mukki entryway side, you can investigate Mukki to Garhi course for good birding.

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