Top10 Most Amusing And Entertaining Punjabi Comedy Movies Ever

Top 10 Most Amusing And Entertaining Punjabi Comedy Movies Ever

Getting bored on weekends? Have nothing to watch? Don’t worry we are here to help you out and make your weekend entertaining. Because today, we are going to recommend to you the 10 most amusing and hilarious Punjabi comedy movies through this article. Your weekend will be very enjoyable, entertaining, and fun if you watch any movies from the list below. All the movies on our list are a full-proof roller coaster of laughter.

Punjabi comedy film are really fun to watch. They are full of music, entertainment, drama, action, and comedy. Punjabi comedy film are really famous among the audience. You can watch Punjabi movies with your friends or family or together. Punjabi or not, undoubtedly if you are going to watch these movies you will fall in love with Punjabis. As Punjabi Comedy Movies are like a jewel in the crown.

So, let’s move towards our list of 10 most amusing and hilarious Punjabi comedy movies ever without wasting time:


1.YAAR ANMULLE  Anurag SinghComedy
2.DOUBLE DE TROUBLE  Smeep KangComedy
3.DISCO SINGH  Anurag SinghRom-com (romantic- comedy)  
4.BHAJI IN PROBLEM  Smeep KangComedy
5.CARRY ON JATTA  Smeep KangComedy
6.JATT JAMES BOND  Rohit Jugraj ChauhanComedy    
7.JATT AND JULIET  Anurag SinghRom-com (romantic- comedy)  
8.JATT AND JULIET 2  Anurag SinghRom-com (romantic- comedy)  
10.SARDARJI 2  Rohit Jugraj ChauhanComedy/ Adventure


Cast: Aarya Babbar, Jividha Sharma, Kajal Jain, Jenny Ghottra, Harish Verma, Yuvraj Hans

Yaar anmulle is one of the most successful and popular movies in the Pollywood Film Industry. This movie will make you laugh at every turn.
The story of this movie basically revolves around three friends Sher Singh, Deep, and Master. The movie is all about their life in college, their friendship, and their love life. This movie is a full pack of entertainment. It will make your weekend enjoyable.


Cast: Kulraj Randhawa, Minissha Lamba, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Dharmendra, Gippy Grewal

This is the second movie on our list of best 10 Punjabi Comedy Movies. This is one of the most entertaining movies of 2014.

The story of the movie depends on Shakespeares’s astounding play “The Comedy of Errors” with some Punjabi Tadka. In which both the father and their son and find their perfect representative in a different nation. Also, the story approximately depends on the Bollywood movie “Angoor”.


Cast: Diljit Dosanjh, Manoj Pahwa, Surveen Chawala, Apoorva Arora, Upasana Singh

This movie is actually based on the story of the Bollywood movie “Do Knot Disturb”. This the third successful movie of Anurag Singh and Diljit Dosanjh after Jatt and Juliet and Jatt and Juliet 2. Diljit Dosanjh is the most versatile actor in the Pollywood Film Industry.

In the movie, the role of Lattu is played by Diljit Dosanjh who is an ambitious songster. He is crazy about a girl named Sweety (Surveen Chawala). She was a model in the movie. He eagerly wanted to date her. The twist in the story begins where his imagination of dated her becomes reality with a lot of confusion.


Cast: Gippy Grewal, B.N. Sharma, Om Puri, Gurpreet Ghuggi

Bhaji in problem is one of the most funniest and successful collaborations of Smeep Kang and Gippy Grewal. This movie is a roller coaster of fun. It will make you laugh at every point. Also, the producer of the movie is Akshay Kumar.

The movie is about a man who married two women at the same time. Both the wives were not aware of this. The problem arrives when his future brother-in-law gets to know all this.

This movie is totally a fun movie you can enjoy it with your friends as well as family.


Cast:  Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, B.N. Sharma, Gippy Grewal, Binnu Dhillon

Another movie by Gippy Grewal on our list. This movie is also a superhit collaboration of director Smeep Kang and actor Gippy Grewal. This movie was a super hit movie of 2012.

The story of the movie is about a man (Gippy Grewal) who went to a marriage where he fell in love with a girl. That girl wants to marry a wan who doesn’t have a family.

Somehow he manages to impress her by telling her a lie about his family. Similarly, he also lied to his family about the marriage. All this creates a total mess in the movie.

This is the best Punjabi comedy movie you can ever watch.


Cast: Zareen Khan, Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi

Gippy Grewal is one of the most successful and handsome actors in the Pollywood Industry. And with his acting and singing skills he knows how to win the heart of the public. Almost, every movie of Gippy Grewal is a super-duper hit.

This story is about a boy who hates his relatives as they always treat him badly. He wanted to teach them a lesson. So, he collaborated with his friends to make his relatives realize their mistakes.


Cast: Neery Bajwa, Diljit Dosanjh, B.N. Sharma, Jaswinder Bhalla

This is one of those movies which is watched by every Punjabi once in their lifetime. It is really very difficult to find a person who hasn’t watched this movie.

This movie covers a story of a guy (Diljit Dosanjh) who falls in love with a girl (Neeru Bajwa). The girl belongs to an awkward family. She was studying in Canada and wanted to marry a foreigner.

He was crazy about her and made a lot of efforts to impress her. This was a really successful collaboration of Anurag Singh and Diljit Dosanjh.


Cast: Neery Bajwa, Diljit Dosanjh, B.N. Sharma, Jaswinder Bhalla

After a great success of Jatt and Juliet, the famous duo of Diljit Dosanjh and Anurag Singh decided to make a second sequel to the movie. This movie is a full pack of entertainment and laughter.

This time the story is a little different, a police constable (Diljit Dosanjh) gets a duty to find his daughter (Neeru Bajwa) living in Canada. And as always happens, they both fell in love. And the journey till their love story started will be going to make you laugh out loud.


Cast: Gippy Grewal, Gurpreet Ghuggi, Jaswinder Bhalla, Binnu Dhillon, Surveen Chawala

Gippy Grewal is one of the most versatile actors in the Pollywood Industry. He knows how he can grab the attention of the viewers. He is a very talented actor and a great singer.

The music in this movie is also very refreshing and entertaining. This is a Rom-com movie which can be watched and enjoyed with the whole family. The story basically revolves around three friends who want their love life to grow.

SARDARJI 2 (2013)

Cast: Sonam Bajwa, Diljit Dosanjh, Monica Gill,Jaswinder Bhalla

This movie is a total fun ride from the beginning to the end because the fun and craziness never end when you watch Sardarji 2. This is the second successful move of Jugraj Sandhu and Diljit Dosanjh together after Sardarji.

This story is particularly of a farmer who lives in a village. He was living a very peaceful and simple life until a big problem arrives in his village. To save his village from that problem, Jaggi has to travel to Australia as he had no other choice.

Now, his search for money will turn into a crazy and adventurous ride that will make you laugh till the end.

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