Top 10 Places To Visit In Kasol

01 Nature Park Kasol

Nature Park is one among the individual places to go to in Kasol. Engulfed by a peaceful atmosphere, the park has access to the mesmeric Parvati watercourse that flows through the worn-out rocks, creating rumbling sounds.

the Nature Park is additionally a perfect place to walk and jog beneath the cover of looming Pine trees. Because the place is near several fashionable Cafes, guests can even love some exotic cuisines to finish the day on an honest note.

Location: Nature Park, Kasol, Himachal Pradesh- 175105.

02 Parvati watercourse

Parvati watercourse

Originating from the ManTalai ice mass, the calming waters of the Parvati watercourse are undoubtedly one among the requisite Kasol attractions. The rambling watercourse flows north through Parvati depression cascading into watercourse Beas close to Kullu. an opportunity to depart behind the words of life for a few times, you’ll feel the tranquil rumbling of the rocks because the water gushes. tho’ this place isn’t ideal for the journey activities, the unfathomable serenity of this place makes it a must-visit.

You can check your hand in fishing whereas sun-basking together with your legs [*fr1] lordotic within the frothy watercourse. daily within the lap of nature whereas you relish the tempting read around and a delicious grilled meal soon. Isn’t it that sooner or later you’ve continually dreamt of?

Location: Parvati valley, Himachal Pradesh

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03 Kheer Ganga Peak

Amongst the most effective places to go to in Kasol, Kheerganga trek showcases the bird’s-eye great thing about the plush inexperienced hills and clear skies. A spot, it lies at the intense finish of the Parvati depression, transfixing you with the skies that are bluer and also the hills that are greener than usual. You certainly don’t wish to miss this opportunity.

Known as the land of Shiva, Kheer Ganga has mythological beliefs weaved around it that you’ll listen to during your visit to Lord Shiva Temple. This trek has a lot of surprises for you to swallow – quandary dip! you’ll ease down and revel in the recent water spring amidst the snow and relax your weary muscles. Will it get any better?

Location: Parvati valley, Kasol

04 Manikaran Hot Springs

This place to go to in Manikaran could be a natural earth science marvel, packed with hot boiling water that’s made in metallic elements and hot substances. The water inside is taken into account auspicious and aforementioned to possess healing properties for the build which will cure skin and different disorders. There are folklores hooked up to the spring that hail their origin from Hindu and Sikh religions.


Usually, water of the spring is hot enough to boil rice and different food and. There ar indoor associated outside bathing pools for each men and ladies on the lower level whereas the higher level has an open pool. It’s wise to hold a combine of garments if one has to take a shower here.

Timings- 7am to 10pm

Entry fee- there’s no entry fees for the guests.

Location-  the spring is found close to Gurudwara Manikaran European.

Distance from Kullu bus stand- 45Kms

5 Chalal Village

Resonating with the Israeli culture, the Chalal Village is enriched with the true essence that is pictured by its homes and tasty cuisines. whereas searching for places to eat here you want to visit the bilgewater restaurant and take a look at some lip-smacking dishes from the Israeli preparation.

At an altitude of five,366 feet higher than water level. This village is encountered by solo travelers searching for a possibility from their weary lives and rejuvenation amidst the flora and fauna by the watercourse Parvati. you wish to require a 35-minute walk to achieve this stunning village. Sometimes visited by folks in search to seek out themselves, this little village could be a good place if you’re searching for nonreciprocal queries. 

Location: Kullu, Himachal Pradesh 

06 Shiv Mandir, Manikaran

At an eminent height of 1760 metres, knife Mandir in Manikaran is one among the outstanding Kasol traveller places. it’s associated with an ancient Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva wherever he’s idolised within the style of a Shivalinga. Besides, the knife Mandir is vastly fashionable for its quandary springs and mountainous landscape. Throughout the annual pageant of Dhegiha Shivaratri, celebrated in honour of Lord Shiva, this place attracts an enormous variety of devotees and pilgrims from around the world.

Location: Ram Mandir Marg, Manikaran, Himachal Pradesh- 175105

07 Chhalal Village

One among the Israeli abodes in Kasol, Chalal Village is one different place to go to in Kasol for tourists that look out for little attractions within the town. Redefining the wonder of nature and mixing in Israeli culture. Chhalal could be a quite extraordinary place to pay daily. One will trek to the current village witnessing the mystic atmosphere of the place. 

The best issue to try to do during this settlement is to explore cafes and take a look. At out a number of the most effective Israeli cuisines. Kasol, additionally called the ‘Mini Israel’ of Asian country. Accommodates several different tiny hamlets like Chhalal that increase the general expertise of the tourists that visit Kasol.

08 Pulga Village

If you’re a tramper curious about exploring unconventional places. The Pulga Village awaits you. situated around sixteen kilometres from Kasol. This Kasol traveller place has many tea gardens of the Himalayan facet blessing the place with tranquillity to provoke. Settled at a height of two,895 m higher than water level the little village has astounding temples that you just should visit. You’ll get pleasure from daily life here amidst the natural beauty. Undisturbed and faraway from the hustle and bustle of the digital world. 

Still empty trendy amenities this chaste village has lofty mountains. Tea plantations, and wood homes, Pulga Village offers you the rightful ‘me time’ you’ve been craving whereas you’re on a look to search out yourself. 

Location: Sosan, Himachal Pradesh

09 Bhuntar city

Let the epinephrine surge as you drive thirty kilometres from Kasol on the slim roads connecting to Bhuntar city. An ordered back destination situated within the Annapurna natural depression. It’s one among the foremost peaceful places to go to in Kasol. 

An ideal unconventional place for hiking and trekking. This place has the proper setting for the journey enthusiasts to quench their thrill thirst. Except for adventures this city conjointly commemorates the natural divinity and manmade exhibits like  Mohan Nature Park. Vishweshwar Mahadev Temple, Bhagsu Falls, and Bijali Mahadev Mandir, to call many, that resonate excellently with the serenity of this place.  

Location: Kullu District, Himachal Pradesh

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10 Malana Village

 Separated from the remainder of the region owing to high mountain peaks like Chanderkhani and Deo Tibba. Malana is typically amongst the oldest democracies of the planet and one among the should visit places in Kasol. 

With the locals following their own customs, traditions. And modus vivendi strictly, this can be the foremost uncommunicative places within the country. Considering themselves of the pure Aryan race and descendants of Alexander the Great. The individuals maintain less contact with the skin world as doable. But, what attracts the group to the present place is its sheer beauty. Encircled by a mystical natural depression and natural covering peaks, Malana is unquestionably the highest issue to heaven that there’s.

Location- Kullu district, Himachal Pradesh

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