The Top 5 Types Of Crepe And Chiffon Fabric You Need To Know

It’s built to last, and it’s well-insulated. Woven cloth is a wardrobe staple for a reason. We’ll focus on crepe and chiffon material, two of the most prevalent varieties of woven fabric, although there are many more.

It is true that both forms of woven cloth are wonderful, but the production and look of each differ. On the one hand, polyester crepe fabric looks great with evening dresses, whereas chiffon banarasi sarees are popular among Indian women.In this post, we’ll explain what crepe and chiffon are, as well as the many varieties of chiffon and crepe fabric, and how to care for each. What do you think?

Background: Chiffon fabric

Chiffon, which originated in France, has found its way into many women’s closets throughout the globe. Silk, cotton, viscose, rayon, and polyester are the most popular fibers used to make chiffon, which is made up of tightly twisted threads. Chiffon dresses, evening gowns, hijabs, and sarees are all popular places to find this opulent fabric.

Chiffon comes in many forms, and here are some of our favorite choices:

Types of chiffon fabric

  • Jacquard chiffon: Jacquard chiffon material is a form of chiffon textile that has an elaborate design woven using warp rather than printed on the bottom using a specific motorized loom. Delicate jacquards are popular for spring / summer clothes, whereas thick textiles are popular in the winter. Smooth and thin appearance, drapable material is all its quality. Clothes like wedding dresses and scarves can be created out of it.
  • Double faced chiffon: This is famous with the name “double-face” since it has two layers of contrast. Evening gowns and skirts are the outfits for which this material is usable the most.
  • Chameleon chiffon: With its transparent and impressive appearance, dresses like airy dresses, pajamas, scarves, and blouses go best. This chiffon is among the most unusual in the marketplace, and its name comes from its multi-toned look.
  • Chiffon with coating: This fabric is readily coloured, but it may also be used in watercolor paintings. To form a soft sweep of dye on the cloth, the dyes or colors are combined with alcohol or water, accordingly. This technique is useful to adorn any chiffon material at home. With this create like draperies, scarves, and garments. It has a sheen appearance due to the silver and gold coating. Evening dresses and blouses look elegant in this fabric.
  • Chiffon with lurex: It creates an upper layer of outfits with an airy and sheer appearance. Lurex is of metallic fibers that provide luster to the cloth. It is snagging with softness and flexibility. Lurex is formed of thin metallic wires that are wrapped in different fibers such as cotton, viscose, silk, and polyester. The cloth is light and resistant to tarnish.

Features of chiffon

If you’re looking for a material that’s light, sheer, and easy to work with, chiffon is best in the premium textile market. The word “chiffon” describes a broad range of various materials that all have the same characteristics. A chiffon fabric’s features include:

  • Sheer: A magnifying lens may reveal a tiny net or mesh in chiffon fabric, which provides a sheer, translucent appearance.
  • Rough appearance: The alternating s-and z-twist yarns in chiffon give it a rough texture.
  • Flexibility: Chiffon’s knit in multiple directions gives it a little spandex-like feel in terms of its elasticity. Because silk is more elastic than polyester, chiffon made from it has a little edge when it comes to stretch.
  • Strong: As a consequence of the yarn twists and the tight weave of the fabric, chiffon fabric is highly robust.
  • Shimmery: As the name suggests, the texture of the fabric is translucent and shimmery. Silk chiffon has the greatest glint, whereas cotton chiffon is a little more muted.

Crepe material and its types 

Another widely used woven fabric, crepe, has a distinct three-dimensional texture that sets it apart from the others. Natural or synthetic fibers are twisted and spun in alternate directions to get the crinkled effect.

The most typical characteristics of crepe fabric are its crimped look, twisted fibers, light weight, and softness.

The following are some examples of crepe fabric in various forms:

  • Crepe de Chine: It is a silk-based lightweight fabric. The texture of crepe de Chine fabric is clean and matte, with minor pebbling, as opposed to the crinkled ground of other crêpe fabrics.
  • Polyester Crepe: This fabric is highly usable for dresses and skirts. Poly crepe is a delicate, thin fabric with a good drape. Producers sometimes combine it with elastane to create stretch crepe.
  • Crepe Georgette: It has a smooth and soft look. Usable for dresses. Crepe Georgette material has a silky, smoother look after blending with silk or silk-like synthetic fibers, such as rayon. Silk georgette does have a beautiful flow and a little suppleness.
  • Viscose crepe: It’s a long-lasting fabric that’s typically usable for pants, blouses, and dresses. This is soft to the touch and has a smooth texture. It has the potential for winter as well as summer due to its special quality. It has high durability and heat resistance features.
  • Silk chiffon crepe: This kind of chiffon has properties like voluminous, thin, crispy, and grainy appearance. With this kind of material, you can wear lightweight clothes, skirts, and airy dresses.


There is no hard-core rule for choosing one material over the other, as both fabrics have distinct features. The selection of fabric totally depends on the purpose of use. Further, Chiffon material is delicate and airy, making it perfect for a routine day or warm-weather weddings. As this fabric is design with a stretchy, comfortable material that flows nicely.

Crepe is a soft, elastic, and textured fabric that is ideal for any occasion all year. Crepe and chiffon are the most flexible fabrics and blend with others too. But at the same time, you have to be very careful with care for both fibers. Printed chiffon fabric appears beautiful and elegant in the form of dresses.

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