Top 5 Unique Business Ideas: How To Make Thousand Dollars Fast

Nobody should ever think that earning money will be simple. In reality, expecting it to be simple is one of the biggest mistakes in the world of entrepreneurship. You will get some unique business ideas in this post. There are a large number of courses helping people how to earn 1000 dollars fast or how to make millions from stock. What I want to say is that they are advertised in such a way that gives viewers the impression that they would instantly become millionaires without doing any work. You must understand that creating an empire requires a lot of effort and struggle. You have to test many business models and strategies in order to get good results. In this article, I am sharing with you 5 unique business ideas so you can make thousand dollars fast. You just need to be consistent.

Top 5 Unique Business Ideas

1. Starting a YouTube Channel

How hard is it to start a youtube channel? Well, I’m gonna give this business 3 out of 10 in terms of difficulty level, being 10 is most hardest. Starting a youtube channel is very easy. You just go on Youtube and click create a channel and you can upload videos by just filming with your phone and uploading it. Making quality videos is actually much more difficult, and doing so is how you grow on YouTube. But it’s very simple to get started on YouTube.

So, how challenging is it to get real income from YouTube, in reality? So again, let’s say we wanna make $100 a month, what does that look like? Well, first, you need to be eligible for monetization on Youtube. This means you need a thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time. It took usually six months and 50 videos to get the first 1000 subscribers. And if we look at the statistics, it actually takes 50 or so videos to reach 1,000 subscribers on average. So, that’s quite hard. If you’re thinking you’re gonna start a YouTube channel and start making money from day one, that’s basically not gonna happen. It will take time to get there. You have to be able to put in the effort. But let’s say you’ve reached your thousand subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time.

Then, how hard is it to actually make $100 a month? On average, Youtube pays $2 per thousand views. This depends on the content and category in which you are working on. But let’s say, on average, about $2 per thousand views. Therefore, if you wanna make $100 a month, you need 50,000 views on Youtube to make $100 a month.

Consider that you only create one video every week and that none of your older videos are gaining any traffic. This implies that each video you upload must receive roughly 12,500 views. And very roughly, the average Youtube channel can expect about 20% of its subscribers to equal the average view count for each video. So on Youtube, if you had 60,000 subscribers, very averagely, you can expect 20% of them, i.e. 12,000 views on each video. And if you don’t have any long-lasting, evergreen content, you would need to acquire roughly 60,000 viewers to make $100 each month.

In reality, you make $100 a month a lot before 60,000 subscribers. Most YouTubers can easily make $100 a month with 5,000 subscribers. it totally depends on the content. So, the YouTube business is easy to start but little but hard to manage. You have to make good quality content in order to earn a good amount of money.

In terms of efforts, gaining the first thousand subscribers is much more difficult than growing a YouTube channel after that. Because, once you’ve got a thousand subscribers and once your channel is growing, it means you landed on a formula that works. And so maintaining it then becomes easier than starting from scratch. There are other ways to monetize YouTube, like brand deals, selling merch, and all other sorts of stuff. Learn more about how to earn from YouTube videos.

2. Become an Affiliate Marketer

Affiliate Marketing means that you are selling other people’s products and you’re getting some percentage of the sales from those products. Now, apparently, 40% of affiliate marketers globally earn $20,000 a year, which is around $1,500 a month. People are working so hard in the field of affiliate marketing.

Basically, you can just sign up to an affiliate programme like Amazon Associates. And then, once you have your special links, you can post those on your website, on Twitter, or on other social media platforms. I anyone buy the product through your link, or in fact, buy any other product through your link, you’ll get a tiny percentage of the sales. So, pretty easy to get started with affiliate marketing, right? but how hard is it to make $100 a month?

Top 5 Unique Business Ideas: How To Make Thousand Dollars Fast

So, let’s say, you had a product of $50 that you were trying to sell, and you were getting a 5% commission on it, that would be pretty good. Amazon doesn’t offer nearly as much as 5%. It offers like 2 – 3%. And let’s say your average conversion rate is 1%, In order to make $100 a month, you would need 8,000 visitors to your website or whatever space in which you shared the link. It’s actually quite hard to get this amount of visitors on your website and generally affiliate marketing requires lots of upfront effort in terms of building an audience. Now other than Amazon, there are many other affiliate programs that also pay, if someone just signup with your referral link.

3. Content Creation

This income stream is something through which you can make thousand dollars fast. Seriously, there are teenagers that are making more than their parents by simply creating content online. I’m not referring to having influence; rather, I’m referring to collaborating with companies to create content that will increase their sales. User-produced content, or UGC, is the type of content generation I’m referring to. UGC is something that many companies place a high value on.

UGC basically refers to the offer you make to a company to produce 10 to 20 pieces of content highlighting their goods each month. TikTok is currently the most popular platform for these kinds of videos. Reaching out to businesses and retailers, offering to produce content for them, quoting them a price, and persuading them of the advantages of your content creation services is all that is required to implement this business model. Depending on the product, I’ve seen people charge anywhere from $5 to $500 for a video.

4. Build an App or Website

Another model of unique business ideas to make good money is to build an application or website or some kind of software product that you can offer either as a one-off or, more likely these days, as a subscription service. This is called SAAS (Software As A Service). A good example of subscription services is Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. 

Taking website as example, then you have seen many tool-based websites offering different kinds of tools such as keyword research tools, content generator tools, etc. What they had done is just develop a website once and do some SEO. These kind of websites are then monetized with Google Adsense. So, the more visitors come, the more income will be generated. What they have done is develop a platform and that’s it. 

So, just think about any website or mobile application, which you think is demanding. If you are a developer then you can create this by yourself. Otherwise, you can find people online, which can help you with this. You can also purchase a ready-made script from the Codecanyon website and simply upload it to your server. Once your website is published then do some SEO and marketing to grab an audience. The more people come to your website, the more you will earn.

5. Selling Course Online

Opportunities for entrepreneurs increases as a result of the demand for online education. Since this is an internet business, you can pick any subject you are an expert in and create a course from anywhere you are. Consider teaching English as a foreign language to students overseas if you don’t have expertise in any advanced subject.


There are many selling course platforms online where there are thousands of students from worldwide. Just create a course in any niche and upload it on these websites. It’s a kind of passive income. Just check the Udemy website and see, that thousands of students bought courses and this website has nearly around 100M visitors per month. 

Do you know, what your weakness is? And the answer is you do not even try. Most people think that there are already professional courses available online so why does anyone buy from us. Believe me, this is a totally wrong approach. Remember, every expert is once a beginner. You just need to start it and with time, you will see positive results.


These are some unique business ideas through which you can make thousand dollars fast. You just need to be consistent. Consistency is the key to success. Pick a business idea from above or any other and just focus on it. Do you know, why smart people often fail in online business? because they think, they should have multiple income streams but in reality, you can’t build multiple money-making streams altogether. Because it becomes difficult to give time to all of them meaning, your focus is divided.

So, just focus on one business and I suggest giving it proper time at least for six months. You will definitely see some good results after that. Furthermore, you will learn a lot on this journey. Stay focused and work hard.

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