Top Effective Communication Strategies for Managing Remote Teams

Leif Singer, product manager of Automatic, has rightfully said, “For remote workers, the need to improve collaboration is more pressing. This is a wonderful position but also comes with a lot of responsibility.”

Effective communication goes beyond just using mere simple words. When working remotely, the challenges while communicating double up. So, it has become crucial for workers to learn about the strategies that can make way for proper communication.

So, how to keep remote employees engaged? With more firms accepting remote work as their new norm, leaders cannot help but think about staying connected and making proper connections. As per Owl Labs, currently, 56% of companies are allowing remote work, and 16 out of them have chosen to become completely remote.

You need interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to make the effective communication. Learning to telecommunicate effectively might be possible, but it does not happen automatically. If you are wondering what communication strategies will be right for your remote team, look at the list of top 9 communication strategies. If you are facing issue while making such assignment then you can search edit my paper and get right solutions.

  1. Maintain an open work environment

Creating an open environment should be the first step to maintaining great communication for your employees. We often feel hesitant to share our opinions and thoughts openly. Communication seems more daunting when we are in front of a manager. It is an important step for building reliability and trust among individuals. You must ensure that your team listens to whatever you want them to be heard. They should be comfortable enough to share their problems, mistakes, and any doubts you can help clarify. This will definitely improve the flow of communication.

  • Be wise when choosing the communication method

As much as it is important to have good communication skills, it is equally important to choose the right mode of communication. Speak up if you need to tell anything, write if you think there is something to be written and don’t hesitate to show what, according to you, is required to be shown.

You may use infographics, visuals and anything that will help your team remember the necessary details and retain more information. This will be extremely helpful since most of us are not good at retaining auditory information for a longer period of time,

It’s best to include more than two methods from the following communication process:

  • Verbal communication – This form of communication is made through face-to-face calls, recorded tutorials or using any form of social media
  • Non-verbal communication – This form of communication is made through gestures, body language and eye contact
  • Visual contact – This is another mode of communication that can be made using infographics, images, illustrations and videos.
  • Written communication – This mode of communication can be formed via email texts, documents and online threads of relevant information on tasks
  • Be clear in your instructions

Your employees will be grasping for air if you leave them confused with unrefined data and a jumbled words. Your team will find it harder to put in their effort if your instruction is more complex. Since they are working from their homes, make sure you are being clear, concise and ensuring it is easy to understand. Unlike in physical presences, they can only hear or read your words. This also involves choosing the right methods for making proper communication. You may use video conferences, project management tools, emails, or all these at once to organise instructions effectively.

  • Do not shy away from over-communicating

Try being as elaborate as possible when you are communicating. When we are in virtual contact, there is always room for miscommunication and misinterpretation as we tend to miss an integral part of social interaction. Employees struggle to find the right information within the limited information they have received. So under any circumstances, explaining more instead of less is always better. Use video conferencing more often to make sure that your team is on the same page.  

  • Hold back from micromanaging

You need to give your remote team the proper space they deserve. Make sure to have faith in your team with all the tasks they are handling instead of everything ringing them every minute using communication channels. It can be quite counterproductive when you receive the same reminder in a personal chat, email or worse, through a call. They are bound to get agitated. Reminding them once will be enough. So hold back your inner perfectionist. Avoid consistently sending too many messages and checking up on everyone every once in a while. Instead, you can use excel checklists or progress trackers to stay updated. They will feel trusted towards you.

  • Make room for virtual group activities

Conduct virtual game breaks, create a team forum or interact with them in video lessons to make conversations outside the work. This will make students feel less pressurised. This can be an effective way to build a team in a remote place. Weekly group activities and video conversations can help your team mingle and be a perfect remedy to eliminate their burnout and feeling of isolation. Since team activity is out of the question due to the remote mode of working, consider using online gaming platforms like scavenger hunts or board games that will make them feel more recharged.

  • Celebrate team effort in traditional ways

An effective way to keep your team engaged is by sending out cards or certificates to celebrate an event or success. However, virtual celebrations are good but avoid replacing tangible awards with virtual ones since they add more value and meaning for individuals. Create new traditions by sending gifts for wishing birthdays, or you may video call them to celebrate their birthdays. This will make the employees feel more valued, recognised and motivated to work better in the future.

  • Plan for in-person scheduled meetings

Find a purpose for interacting with your team in person once in a while. Consider focusing on a specific goal while you prepare these meetings. This will let them bring a sense of association, and they will recognize themselves as an important part of the company. This way, you will be helping them to get motivation, improve their productivity and build trust with them. Make in-person communication mandatory if you want all your employees to feel connected to each other. According to the Harvard business review, a study on 1,100 employees shows remote employees tend to be isolated compared to on-site workers, thus affecting their commitment to work and production.

  • Encourage individuality in the team

All of us greatly value individualism. When employees work remotely, it’s easier for them to believe they are not being heard or seen enough. It is important to show your interest and opinions in real-time with genuine behaviour. Organise get-to-know sessions, group discussions and introductions, especially for recruiters, to ensure every team member gets an equal chance to share their interests and opinions with others.


Are you still getting used to the norm of remote working? Needless to say, humans are social animals. You need effective communication for a smoother workflow, improved productivity and increased motivation. It’s necessary to understand individual needs and problems to implement effective communication. Communication in remote mode will be slightly different than what used to happen in office premises. Applying certain practical strategies can do instant assignment help you understand the dynamics of your unique teams, and there will be much clarity in every task.

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