The Tarsar Marsar trek is an ideal example of what trekking in Kashmir is all about: terrific alpine lakes, endless grasslands, wide open plains, and grand mountain views. Frankly, though we have other treks in our country,  very few can match up to the experience of doing the Tarsar Marsar trek offered to its guests.

 Kashmir Trek

The Tarsar Marsar trek is based in Kashmir, and the Kashmir treks are simply stunning. The vast meadows, glades, pine forests, sweeping landscapes, and stunning snow-capped peaks are all bundled together into this region of Kashmir!

Trekking in the Himalayas is one of the best experiences, but the Kashmiri Himalayas probably have majestic landscapes with scenic beauty that can only be compared with the Swiss and Austrian Alps.

For any trekker, wanting to trek in the Himalayas, a Kashmir trek must always be on their bucket list.

Campsites of Tarsar and Sundersar

The campsites of Tarsar and Sundersar are very special. The beauty of this trek is that the trekkers will be camping right on the glades around these lakes. Now, this is a unique opportunity, generally, the campsites are located a little further away from the lakes or overlooking a lake but in this case, camp right on the banks of the lake. One literally wakes up, unzips the tent flap, and sees the morning light sparkling on the blue waters of these lakes.

There are cliffs on one side with snow patches feeding the lake at the Tarsar campsite. It’s a wondrous sight and trekkers are camping right next to it. And add to that the fact that the camp is at Sundersar lake as well. Most of the trekkers say that this is their favorite campsite.

Jagmargi Grasslands

Locality attractions

Any list narrating the reasons to do the Tarsar Marsar trek is incomplete without mentioning the Jagmargi Grasslands. These grasslands are located just before the Sundersar campsite and are a sight to see. Expanding from the foot of one mountain to another, this flowering grassland is probably the most vibrant bays of flowers one will ever come across (barring probably the Valley of Flowers). The Jagmargi grasslands emit a sense of calm on an otherwise thrill-heavy trek. The flat valley with a stream gently finding its way through and plentiful flowers and lush greenery form the perfect tonic for your weary mind.

These grasslands act as the perfect pit-stop to replace the energy reserves of all trekkers before reaching the Sundersar campsite.

Aru Base Camp

It is already mentioned how Kashmir’s scenic beauty can be compared with that of the Swiss and Austrian Alps. This is also true for the Aru Base Camp, this small town is redolent of a small European town located in the middle of the Alps. The Aru base camp is probably the most beautiful campsite Kashmir have, the cluster of cottages with slanted tin roofs and the intermittent willow and poplar trees popping up in the middle. It’s almost too beautiful to be true!

 The Lakes

Both these Kashmir Treks boast of spectacular lakes and true Kashmiri landscapes, however, the Tarsar Marsar Trek also boasts of an untouched Kashmir. This trail takes one through parts of Kashmir that even the most avid Kashmiri might not have seen and this is what makes it so damn beautiful.

Best time to visit TARSAR MARSAR TREK

.Tarsar Marsar Trek is a unique and beautiful journey through the alpine meadows and valleys of Kashmir. The best time to visit this trek is during the summer months of April to June and September to November. During this time, the meadows are in full bloom, the temperatures are pleasant and the views of the mountains are stunning. The trek also follows an ancient pilgrim route, giving visitors the opportunity to explore the cultural and religious heritage of the area. The trek can be completed in 7 to 10 days, depending on the level of fitness and the number of days one wishes to spend in the mountains. So if you are looking for a unique and memorable trek in Kashmir, then the Tarsar Marsar Trek is the perfect choice for you.

Things to make different Tarsar Marsar trek from other treks

The Tarsar Marsar trek is an enchanting route in Kashmir that offers a stunningly beautiful and unique experience. The trek is different from other treks in many ways. Firstly, it offers spectacular views of the majestic Himalayas and the dense forests of Pine and Deodar. Secondly, there are two high altitude alpine lakes – Tarsar and Marsar – which are the highlights of the trek. Thirdly, the trek passes through some of the oldest villages in the region and offers a chance to get a glimpse into the culture of Kashmir. Lastly, the trek offers a variety of terrains, ranging from meadows and streams to challenging boulders and snowfields. All these make the Tarsar Marsar trek truly different and captivating.


While the Kashmir Great Lakes treks also boast some amazing lakes, the Tarsar Marsar trek has one rare advantage. This trail is not as crowded. Now, this might not seem like much but just imagine sitting on the banks of the Tarsar, Marsar, or Sundersar and relishing the beauty of the lake and its setting without a single soul around(except the fellow group of trekkers). 

Being able to sit alone or in a small group near the banks of these large marine blue lakes, sipping tea, and wistfully looking up at the snow-capped mountains is a feeling that will stay with one for the rest of their life.

 In fact, it should be the first trek to do on any trekking bucket list 

Tarsar Marsar Trek is one of the most stunning treks in the Kashmir Valley. It gives you a chance to witness the rugged beauty of the majestic Himalayas up close. The trek takes you through lush green valleys, meadows, waterfalls and snow-capped peaks. You will pass by the Tarsar and Marsar lakes along the way, both of which are awe-inspiring and picturesque. Not only is the trek beautiful, but it is also very challenging as it reaches heights of more than 4500 m. If you’re an adventure enthusiast looking for an adrenalin rush, then the Tarsar Marsar Trek is the perfect trek for you


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