Top Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Bed Sheets

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If you’re tired of spending too much money on your bed sheets because they never seem to last as long as you really want them to, it might be time to make some changes. There are many simple things you can do to increase the longevity of your bed sheets, resulting in less waste and more money in your pocket.

Here are three simple tips for getting the most out of your bed sheets, so they get worn down slowly and stay fresh longer.

Go For Quality 

Lately, we’ve been hearing a lot about so-called luxury bed sheets. Unfortunately, these terms are not regulated, and thus, they can be rather confusing. What is luxury? How do you know if your sheets are luxury? The first thing you need to understand is that not all bed sheets fall into any one category, and that quality depends on a number of factors:

  • Cost (how much you spent on them).
  • Durability (how long they last).
  • Ease of maintenance (ease of cleaning) and colourfastness (the way they hold their colours)

It’s Important to keep these things in mind as you choose new bed sheets or replace old ones.

If you haven’t made it a priority to buy high-quality bed sheets, now is an excellent time to make it happen. High-quality bed sheets will last longer and provide you with more comfort than cheaply made versions. Investing in premium bedding can make your sleep better, your mornings more accessible, and your life happier overall.

Know The Fiber Content First

Take a look at how many grams of fibre are in your top pick; if it’s less than 10 grams, you’re better off with another set. Experts recommend looking for bed sheets with at least five per cent cotton or linen content. You can also buy polyester or rayon blends, but make sure they include some natural fibres. These synthetic fibres are best for absorbing moisture and keeping you cool throughout the night. Turn them inside out: When you find yourself more comfortable on one side of your sheets more often than not, chances are that side has breakthrough stains—these are stains that have made their way through the fabric’s outer layer and into its inner fibres.

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Don’t Count On Thread Count

The truth is, thread count doesn’t tell you a lot about a sheet’s quality because a higher number isn’t necessarily better. Too high a thread count can actually make your sheets feel rougher against your skin. The most important thing you should consider when shopping for bed sheets is how tightly woven they are – and that’s going to be indicated on every single sheet set you look at. That word means how tightly woven those threads are before being dyed. Once those sheets hit the water, they’ll tighten up even more—just like shrink-wrap from a moving company.

Understand The Distinctions Between Weaves

It’s important to know what kind of weave you’re buying. The three main types are percale, sateen and flannel. Percale sheets are lighter, crisp and breathable; they make for great summer linens. Sateen sheets are smooth and soft with a satin-like feel; they’re best suited for winter use. Flannel is usually warm but not as soft as a sateen sheet, making it better for year-round use if your climate allows for it.

Don’t Just Assume It’ll Fit Your Mattress

Double-check that your new bed sheets are large enough for your mattress. Just because you have a queen-sized bed doesn’t mean that’s what size sheet you should buy. If you have king-sized or even extra-large mattresses, make sure you look for sheets with large enough dimensions (at least 58×80 inches). The fitted sheet is designed to fit over your mattress like a glove; if it’s too small, it won’t stay in place and will bunch up uncomfortably in certain areas. If it’s too big, it’ll be baggy and could even rip when stretched out. You don’t want either scenario—and neither do your guests!

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Carefully Check The Return Policy Before Purchasing

Before purchasing any bed sheets:

  1. Take some time to search for reviews online.
  2. Read what others have said about their experience with specific sheets. This will help you determine if a company is reliable or if their products are worth your money and help you figure out which sheet sets might be best for your needs.
  3. If you’re unable to find any reviews online, try searching for thoughts on other sites where people regularly share their opinions about products they’ve purchased.


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