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Pasta is the world’s most loved food and it’s never an easy task to keep this record. Moreover, it has been maintaining this position for a long period of time which is quite a difficult task, as according to many wise personalities it’s not hard to get some rank or position, the main thing is to maintain it. Obviously, if pasta is a favorite food it will be popular as well. This popularity is not limited to some specific geographic areas, it’s worldwide.

The main things that make pasta so famous are easy cooking methods, versatility among its use, different types with different tastes, and nutritional facts, and the addition of flavorful sauces according to your taste. Pasta sauce is considered as the main ingredient while making any sort of pasta as all other ingredients are optional and you can use them depending on their availability and according to your personal liking.

A lot of sauces are used in pasta including peri peri sauce, white cream sauce, buffalo sauce, ketchup, BBQ sauce, Marinara, pesto, and many others. The addition of these sauces depends upon your taste, their availability, or if you are planning to make them by yourself then ingredients as well.

Among hundreds of pasta sauces, there are some of the best sauces that are liked by almost every pasta lover. Following are some sauces that everyone must try with pasta.

Marinara Sauce

This red colored, tomato rich, and tangy flavored sauce with some sweet and spicy taste as well is considered as the perfect match with any type of pasta. You cannot keep this sauce away from any list of sauces you are making regarding pasta except if you make the list of some worst sauces. The easiest way to have this sauce is simply to buy it from the market and use it whenever you want. However, if you want to make it at home by yourself then the procedure is also easy.

It would take only 15 to 20 minutes to make this sauce. You have to take some roasted tomatoes as they are best-tasted tomatoes when you compare them with simple types of tomatoes. Then peel them and place in a pan to cook for some time. Add garlic powder and fresh basil to enhance its taste. Let it simmer for a few minutes and you have your marinara sauce ready. Serve it with pasta or simply as a dipping sauce.

White Cream Sauce

This is the traditional sauce that has been a companion of pasta for a long time. Many other sauces and pasta types have come, however, no one could replace the traditional white sauce pasta. The juicy texture, flavor, and taste of this pasta depend greatly on the white cream sauce. And the best thing about this sauce is that you can make it without even using the fat-rich cream.

To make this sauce you have to use butter to fry garlic and flour and then add milk while stirring it. Make sure the mixture doesn’t contain any hard particles. Cook it for a few minutes and your traditional, vegetarian pasta sauce is ready.

Pesto Sauce

This two-ingredient sauce is the perfect match with any type of pasta, especially the traditional spaghetti and elbow pasta. This green-colored sauce really reflects the taste of fresh basil, garlic, and other herbs. Method to make it quite easy. You have to take cream and pesto of any brand or homemade in a pan and let it simmer for 3 to 4 minutes. After that, take it off the stove and your pasta sauce is ready.

Thousand Island Sauce

Thousand Island sauce is often known as a special sauce in many restaurants in America. It is very easy to make it as you have to add different spices and herbs of your choice along with olive oil, orange juice, vinegar, and tomato sauce in the traditional mayonnaise and mix them well. Your sauce is ready to eat with any pasta.

If you have not yet tried these sauces with pasta, then you have not yet explored the best taste. So, next time make these sauces and try them with different types of pasta, you can store them as well for later use.

When it comes to Pasta, we are huge fans! It’s easy to make, tastes great, and is the epitome of comfort food.

How To Pair Pasta And Sauce

Spaghetti, Linguini, and Angel Hair Pasta go best with light olive oil-based sauces. Cream-based sauces are also ideal. Carbonara is one such example.

Thick chunky meat sauces are best paired with Penne, Rigatoni, and Macaroni. If you love your Pesto and other lighter sauces, you should be selecting from Fusilli, Gemelli and Rotini. Of course, it all comes down to personal preference in the end.

Pasta sauce contributes to the heavenly delicious pasta dish and pasta-lovers. It will be glad to know that there are many different types of pasta sauce.


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