Upcoming Events in New York- Annual Festivals to Attend

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To experience everything New York offers, one should attend the incredible events the city hosts every year. New York State Fair featuring rides, exhibitions, local treats to Spiedie Fest, and more, New York is filled with opportunities to enjoy scenic events. The tourists can relish tons of delicacies and explore the culture of this place by attending the upcoming events in New York. It hosts events for everyone from music lovers to art geeks. You can experience different wine tasting festivals, live music events, and more in the upcoming events. Find the list of exciting events New York has to offer right below. 

LUMA- America’s Premier Projection Arts Festival

This arts festival was first founded by a street photographer in 2015. They were expecting a crowd of 3000 people, where 30000 people arrived out of surprise. Today, LUMA is among the biggest art festivals in New York. It represents the work of thousands of artists to engineers and more. It welcomes audiences from the City of Binghamton, the State of New York, and Broome County. LUMA is the event where you can see artists play and perform with freedom. It gives a platform to artists from around the world and offers. Visit this biggest festival of the year to witness cartoonists, artificial intelligence, symphonies, and live-motion actors.

If you are waiting for upcoming events in New York, add this one to your September itinerary. 

Adirondack Brewery Oktoberfest

If you love October traditions, this festival is for you. Adirondack Brewery’s Oktoberfest features guest breweries, a Bier Garden, authentic German food, and non-stop polka music. Travelers looking for live music in New York and other celebrations can plan their visit to this fest. Make sure to visit empty stomachs because this fest offers a bunch of delicacies and craft beverages. Experience the nationally famous keg toss competition package, stein hoisting, corn hole, dancing chickens, and much more. 

For the ones looking for some added fun, the festival encourages costume competition for men and women. It also announces first, second and third prizes to the winners. 

ROC Holiday Winter Festival


Roc Holiday winter festival is a free festival celebrated in Rochester, NY. The incredible festival has a family-friendly environment with events including free visits with Santa, a unique shopping experience, ice skating, Santa’s workshop, pop-up restaurants, holiday celebrations, private parties, and much more. 

Beer and Wine Festival

If you have missed the bear festival of 2019, which was a huge hit, it is back in 2021. The Bear and Wine Festival made the audience go crazy, and they are excited to be back again in NY. Travelers can enjoy local wineries, distilleries, breweries, and ciders. The festival will offer wine tasting and purchase of the products. It will be surrounded by local artisans, food vendors, and crafters. The travelers must be over 21 for brewery tasting. 

Apple Fest

If you visit the Adirondacks this holiday season, check out the fall foliage with the annual Apple Fest. Swing into Speculator to join the Historical Society of Lake Pleasant and Speculator to celebrate the Apple Fest. The travelers can find games, crafts, baked goods, foods, and more. Visit the Speculator Pavilion to enjoy this festival in September. The entry is free so that you can enjoy these upcoming events in New York without a ticket. 

The state keeps hosting many events and festivals every year. It finds a reason to celebrate all year round. Whenever you visit, it will offer a range of events to enjoy. You may even book the tickets in advance to book the seats before you reach there. Find out all the exciting upcoming events now. 


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