The Ultimate Guide to the posting of user-generated content on Instagram

guide to using user generated content on instagram

The Ultimate Guide to the posting of user-generated content on Instagram


User-generated content (also called UGC) is a highly efficient marketing method. It refers to the practice where the user (often an end-user) produces content that reflects the brand name or with the help of a specific product. This kind of content is now popular due to social media platforms such as Instagram that allow users to praise or denigrate brands with images.


According to DMN’s figures, 70% of people directly value peer reviews and peer recommendations over content created by businesses. Bazaarvoice states that 84 percent of millennials think that the services or products featured in UGC genuinely reflect the company’s actual quality.


For companies looking to expand their engagement and reach, user-generated content is a fantastic method. UGC helps brands establish strong connections with the users who create this content. It is also assisting the companies to increase their reach by re-sharing the content.


User-generated content can positively affect your business, even outside of Instagram. Reviews and testimonials from customers can aid in improving the conversion rate of your main website. Capturing UGC from Instagram and then repurposing it on your website could be a fantastic option to improve the overall efficiency of your business.


This article will guide readers through eight effective methods for making the most out of UGC and provide examples of how other companies have used UGC to increase performance.


  1. Recognize that user-generated content works

User-generated content is a great way to increase traffic. What else could explain why major e-commerce websites such as Amazon and Walmart have reviews from customers and star ratings on such a large number of sites?


Based on Conversion XL, “88% of people believe in online reviews as strongly as personal recommendations. And 72% believe that positive reviews help them believe in businesses better. The millennial generation, in particular, is adamant about content that is created by users 50 percent more than other media.”


The popularity of user-generated content is because people feel that it’s true to the company and people to material created by believable figures when making a purchase decision.


User-generated content is why brands such as Apple, Harley-Davidson, KitchenAid, and Mazda regularly use UGC for their posts on Instagram.


  1. Determine the most significant selling point to concentrate on

For effective user-generated content. It is essential first to decide the things you want your target audience to learn about your service, product, or brand through the content. Utilising UGC in a focused manner helps you create a straightforward narrative regarding your business’s services.


Apple, for instance. Has a particular focus on sharing UGC that reflects the high quality and performance of its iPhone camera. This is evident on massive billboards, which have the text “Shot on iPhone” and Apple’s newly launched Instagram account.


In the image below, Apple re-shared a piece of UGC that included a photo taken in the morning of an iPhone dog owned by a user. To inspire other iPhone users to post UGC through Instagram, Apple had the hashtag “ShotoniPhone.”


Although the Apple Instagram account is only a few months old, a search for”ShotoniPhone” or “ShotoniPhone” turns up over 1 million posts.


Mazda is another brand that uses UGC with tremendous impact. It is a company that focuses on re-sharing videos that feature Mazda sports cars that users have altered. While other brands may be reluctant to share products modified by their customers, Mazda has been a big fan of automobile enthusiasts. Mazda’s Instagram account utilises UGC to bring this brand’s story to the forefront.

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  1. Monitor Instagram for user-generated content with an Analytics Tool

It can be challenging to stay up-to-date with brand mentions. Particularly in the size of a team responsible for the management of different marketing initiatives. However, even for committed Instagram marketing professionals. It could be challenging to keep track of all the content that users have posted via the site.


The most effective Instagram analytics tool. Can analyse Instagram for you and identify content that uses specific words and hashtags. This makes it much simpler to catalogue and gather UGC for later use at a later time.


SocialFox will also assist you in comprehending how UGC relates to other types of content. This analysis can aid in understanding the extent to which a strategy that focuses on UGC is well-liked among users or if a different approach is more appropriate.


  1. REACH out to the CONTENT CREATOR to request permission

The rules for re-sharing content on Instagram aren’t clear. Instead of rules. There are unwritten guidelines of Instagram behaviour that every user (particularly brands) must adhere to when sharing content.


One of the most important unwritten rules is that companies should contact the original content creator before sharing content. This is not just a way to avoid negative publicity should the creator not be happy with your company; it can also be an excellent opportunity to contact satisfied customers.


In most situations. Reaching out to the original poster through sending an Instagram Direct message can be the simplest way to contact the accounts behind the content created by users. If you do it right, the user will often invite you to share your brand’s post with their followers.


  1. RECYCLE INSTAGRAM User-generated content on OTHER medical devices

As we’ve mentioned before, UGC isn’t just efficient on Instagram; It can also improve the conversion rate of websites. Think about using UGC posted via Instagram on your website for your business.


User-generated content can be a source of social proof that makes people feel more comfortable and encourages them to buy an item or give their details via an on-page form.


Embedding Instagram UGC using the readily available iframe code is the most effective method to publish images on your primary site.



When we think of UGC on Instagram, the first thought is images showing an item in the background. There are many other ways to post UGC which may be better for the particular audience of followers.


One possibility is to post a video testimonial of the satisfied buyer on Instagram. Another option is hosting live events on Instagram Stories, which includes the interview of a delighted customer. Instagram Stories are utilised by more than 250 million people every month. Instagram will notify users of your followers whenever your company begins with a live stream.


Brands that have received favourable feedback from customers in writing could look into turning this testimonial into an image and posting it on Instagram to recycle content created by users efficiently.



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