How To Validate WordPress W3C plugin

As the technology increases you will find many SEO Experts are debating on validate WordPress W3C plugin. Some of them agree with W3C and some of them are not. The full form of W3C is World Wide Web Consortium which develops a standard for code on the web.

W3C check all the pages are built according to web standards. For good web design validation is very important. You should always be careful while doing HTML and CSS on CMS in WordPress.

The Content management system allows you to create and modify existing content, and add images, videos, and audio for a better appearance of your site among users.

If this not happens it creates a bad user experience as the growth of the website will fall down day by day. According to Google and other consoles work great with broken code.

W3C is not important for them because it doesn’t affect website rank as well as performance. Google or other search consoles reads only relevant content they don’t read HTML code.

All SEO experts also know that it doesn’t matter for Google, but HTML codes are very useful for making a website rank on the SERP page indirectly.

Today All SEO experts use validate WordPress W3C plugin for checking their broken links as well as HTML, and CSS codes.

A browser reads a web page by using parsing engines to translate the code into something that can be seen by humans. Different web browsers have unique engines, which causes them to handle your web pages differently. Page variations on a legitimate website are quite slight and are acceptable to all users.

It’s possible that an incorrect web page will read so differently that users won’t be able to view your pages correctly on iPhones or in any other browser. Validation eliminates all significant differences and ensures that nearly every web browser can read your website.

How does W3C validation work

There are many best tools to validate W3C in WordPress. Some of them are validating CSS styles, validating WordPress feeds, validating HTML code, and validating your themes with theme check.

You can use tools like the HTML validator provided by the W3C to debug any errors in your HTML code. You may see what went wrong in your code, where the issue is, and advice for how to solve it by pasting the code in directly. By correcting these mistakes, bigger issues can be avoided.

Without the need for a plugin to modify feeds, your feeds are already valid thanks to WordPress’ default w3c validation. The W3C has created a useful tool called Unicorn. Essentially a uniform validator, this tool. It provides positive outcomes for HTML, CSS, and i18n validation.

Although the results page for the WordPress w3c checker is a little perplexing, you’ll enjoy this tool if you need to acquire the results of numerous validation tests.

If you want to check the HTML error on the website then you have to copy the URL page and then paste it on the W3C validation tool for checking.

In a few minutes, you will see all the errors as well as a warning of the page markup with yellow lines as well as with red lines, and this tool while checking will get solutions for resolving them.

SEO has to solve the errors first if he wants to ignore the warning problem that is not a big deal. I suggest solving those also for better performance.

Common CSS and HTML Validate Issue


Many times developers do not use alt tags which is usually done on images that decrease the rank of the website. As google crawlers don’t read the images as it reads only alt tags. So it is very important for websites to always use alt tags on every image for increased rank.

Many times a blind person is crawling the website, so he can’t see the image. He can use his sense to hear only the text form of the image type, as it is most important to use image alt in your website for every user-friendly.

Incorrect Use of Heading Tags

A developer has to use proper headings tags because minor issue affect rank day by day.

It misleads the crawler to read the exact information of the page.

An Unclosed Element

This usually happens when you forgive to use the close tag on the element. The tool only shows the error but you have to find out the in which line the error is generated. This can only be solved by handmade work which is a little bit long process.

Syntax Error

Many developers type the wrong syntax or the wrong context which is a minor issue that happens many times.
With improper HTML code, Crawler read improper information on the page. For better function properly it is important to use W3C validation.
If website has valid HTML code it indirectly increases the user experience which is the top priority of Google.
If you want to do ads on Google shopping then, it is very mandatory to have a valid HTML code for detecting the correct price of the product.
Before launching your website you should use the W3C validation properly for a minor issue. You should also check regularly for any errors and warnings to increase your rank on the SERP page.


As we above discuss the W3C validation. Developers know it doesn’t matter to the website as search engine also say the same thing.

But SEO know the value of using this tool which helps in finding the minor issue and by resolving these they increase the rank indirectly on the SERP Page.

It detects all the errors and issues within a minute. For doing this you don’t know the expertise just download it and use it. As long you validate the website its shows better results on the browser. It is very important for developers to check the validation before the website goes for live results.

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