Voiceover Website – Why You Need To Build Your Own

Voiceover Website Why You Need To Build Your Own

As an aspiring voice over artist, you surely know how difficult it is to find regular work, or any work for that matter. Aside from having a quality demo, we all know the next thing is promoting yourself—whether that be via posting on social media, finding an agent, or hitting every audition possible. Of course, every voice over talent needs their own website, as well.

This blog looks at why you need to have your own voiceover website.

The Power of The Internet

  • Number of monthly searches on Google – 100Billion
  • Over 50% of all searches come from mobile phones
  • 80% of the online population has purchased something using the internet
  • US Ecommerce sales estimated to be $304.1 billion in 2014
  • Nearly two-thirds of Americans are now smartphone owners

The internet is now embedded into pretty much everything we do from checking the weather to contacting friends and of course searching for business and people.

The internet is growing and so it is important for you to be a part of the global network and use it to power your brand.

Why you need your own Brand

The majority of jobs, an estimated 80%, are found in the informal job market, which means through networking and personal connections. The days of putting together a single CV and showreel and then firing it out to loads of production houses are over. They may occasionally generate results, but in most industries and markets now it is hyper-competitive and so you need to be focused and creative to get work.

The internet and social media have rewritten the rules of how we network and find work. There is now not one but many places that you need to use to ensure that you are visible as a brand. Most corporate brands now have big teams of people managing their profiles across social media as well as maintaining their website. At one point some thought that websites would disappear, but in fact the opposite is true, websites have become the hub for all brand activity.

To start with though you need to create a strong brand identity. There are lots of elements that go into to making a great personal brand. A personal brand, is something that you actively have to manage online, offline, in your industry, and on social media. Which means there are dozens of opportunities every day to question whether you’re doing it right and opportunities to do develop it.

Why Have A Personal Voiceover Website

Every social network and even Pay to Play site has limitations. Often you are one of many or you can’t offer the full picture of yourself in the format that you want. People make quick decisions on the internet, in literally seconds, so you want to be in control of those first few seconds.

According to one study, more than half of all hiring managers are more impressed by a candidate’s personal website than by resumes. A personal website not only allows you to share your accomplishments and experiences in greater detail but also serves as a cornerstone of your brand identity.

Five Reasons Why You Need a Voiceover Website

Now that you know it is possible to build an attractive site, why would you want to do so?

#1. A Website Improves Your Search Results

The majority of people now search online for voiceover actors before making final decisions and a personal website gives you some control over what they find. Many clients tend to look for voice actors through the voiceover website. A site branded to your name is likely to appeal to potential casting directors if it fits with the type of work they are looking for. In this way, your personal voiceover website will help you shine and demonstrate your talents. If optimised for SEO it will also help you appear in search results.

#2. A Website Serves as a Portfolio

Your personal voiceover website is where you can show all your work. If you have done a range of voiceover work you can present it as your portfolio. The website allows you to share more of your best work. Additionally, you can add in your personality, interests and other skills.

#3. A Website Helps Build Your Brand

From the images and fonts you choose to how you choose to arrange your site, it contributes to your brand and image.  websites have become the hub for all brand activity. However, a website does more than that. By adding testimonials, links to your social media, and your voiceover portfolio, your website helps establish your credibility and communicates what you are all about.

#4. A Website Helps You Network

Your website is accessible 24/7 — even the most committed professional can’t claim that! While you are busy working and living your life, your website is networking for you; others — who you might otherwise have never met — can get to know you by perusing your site and then reach out for a live conversation or meeting if they want.

#5. A Website Helps You Become a Thought Leader

Your own site is the best place to share your thoughts as well. You can put on your website your thoughts on the industry, help others through your experience and start to build a conversation with others. As an example you could interview others in the voiceover industry and write about it. If you put in the time to keep it current, others will begin seeking your opinions, and your reputation will grow.

What Your Website Should Look Like

Before you begin designing your personal website, take some time to think about how you want to present your brand, and gather the content that you want to use. Look at your voiceover website as a tool for telling your story; everything that you include on the site should contribute to that goal.

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One important feature you will need is the ability to easily add audio files and label them clearly so that potential casting directors can easily listen to pieces of work relevant to them.

Thank you for your reading. Good Luck!


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