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Kraft paper is popular in the packaging industry because it is environmentally benign and capable of addressing the ever-increasing problem of pollution. Customers want companies that do not hurt the environment for their profit. Therefore, businesses that care for the environment and go green for encasing assets win consumer loyalty. However, the diversity of packaging materials available, each with its unique set of attributes, makes it difficult for a business owner to make a decision.

So, here’s all you need to know about Kraft paper and why it’s used in packaging:

It’s a truth that packaging symbolizes the brand

Yes, the packaging reflects a brand and demonstrates the manufacturer’s standard. People who are environmentally concerned look at the contents of the packaging boxes and evaluate the product’s quality and the company’s efforts to maintain the world a safe place to breathe. Eco-friendly wholesale Kraft boxes packaging is a great method to show that a company cares about its consumers and the environment.

Consumer interest in businesses that focus on packaging increases by 30%, and 52 percent of customers who get their products in personalized boxes become regular customers. Customers feel appreciated when the packaging is personalized, which helps custom-printed Kraft boxes accelerate sales.

According to a survey, the global green packaging market was valued at $132,556 million in 2015 and is anticipated to grow to $207,543 million by 2022, representing a 5.41 percent increase in the use of eco-friendly packaging. Packaging waste material has a significant influence on the environment by increasing pollution. Therefore, it is prudent for businesses to become green and contribute to the preservation of the environment for future generations.

Here’s why Kraft symbolizes “strong”?

Kraft is a German term that meaning “strength,” and it was given to the substance when it was treated with chemical compounds that improved its strength. Carl F. Dahl invented Kraft paper in 1880 by separating lignin from pulp and treating cellulose with sulfates, resulting in Kraft paper. So, what is Kraft paper composed of? It is made up of cellulose and chemical compounds, which are the foundations of its strength.

When not bleached, natural Kraft paper is sturdy and comes in a light brown hue. When strength is necessary, it can carry the weight of heavy items. Years ago, the most powerful packaging solution was developed, and it is still widely used today.

Learn why Kraft is such a popular packaging material?

Kraft is a well-known material for packaging, and more and more firms are opting for Kraft-made boxes. It obtains client support for the brand for the following reasons:

Eco-friendly; protects the environment

Kraft has no detrimental influence on the environment and never contributes to the pollution of the air. The product is 100 percent recyclable and eco-friendly, and the value of the product is raised when the recycling symbol is put on the box. As a result, corporations prefer Kraft to encapsulate their products in order to increase brand value and sales.

Tear-resistant and capable of carrying a lot of weight

Because Kraft paper is tear-resistant, it may be used to enclose heavy things. It is used in both industrial and commercial settings because it protects items from environmental stresses. The goods is delivered to the customer’s location without a scratch or being harmed by the weather.

Decomposition does not leave behind any residue

The material’s decomposition makes it better since it degrades naturally without releasing toxins or waste. In addition, people in the contemporary period have understood the need to protect the environment. As a result, people are naturally drawn to products and businesses that use green to cover their products.

When compared to normal paper, Kraft paper is preferred. Do you know why?

When custom packaging supplies online compare Kraft paper to normal paper, it has a number of features that make it superior.

As previously said, Kraft paper boxes have a lot of strength, therefore here are a few more advantages:

  • Kraft packaging is moisture-resistant and does not absorb moisture from the interior or exterior. It implies that the food within the box, whether fresh or frozen, has no effect on the box. Because it is moisture-proof, it is unaffected by the weather outside the box. It does not become soggy, and the consumer is happy. It is not just used to enclose foods but also useful for maintaining other items in their original state.
  • Cost-effective, Kraft Boxes are inexpensive, and ordinary paper produces pricey packing. Kraft is a low-cost marketing item that can be printed with features and graphics in any color and is useful for product promotion.
  • Kraft packaging does not get wet or freeze when frozen products are enclosed in it due to low-temperature freezing. It permits the creative artwork printed on the food to have a long-lasting impact by coating it. There are no specific color selection rules because the waterproof Kraft paper may be decorated with a wide variety of color contrasts.
  • Kraft paper is a folding-resistant material that can withstand constant folding without breaking. This characteristic distinguishes it as the finest material for keeping the goods unharmed even when loaded above the box.
  • There is no trash since it decomposes like leaves and leaves no residue. Kraft paper is one of the greatest alternatives for covering a product because it comes and goes with no waste.

Famous businesses always prefer nature-friendly packaging and gaining support from their customers!

There is a little question whether companies who opt to be green and use Kraft paper boxes to wrap their products and present them elegantly receive customer support. People like cruelty-free and environmentally responsible goods. Thus, Kraft reaps the benefits of client preference. Many well-known businesses purchase Kraft boxes for their products and achieve market success by attracting and selling more.

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