What Is Web Hosting And Why Should You Choose Cloud Hosting?

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The two most popular types of hosting are web hosting and cloud hosting. Each one of them has its own advantages and disadvantages, which makes it necessary to understand the basic difference between the two types of hosting solutions.

In this article, we will try to shed some light on both web hosting and cloud hosting so that you can gain a better understanding of both hosting solutions and choose the most suitable hosting solution for your company.

What is web hosting?

In web hosting the files are stored on a server that can be accessed by the user. The two most common types of hosting are shared hosting and dedicated hosting. In shared hosting, the users have to share the resources and in dedicated hosting the user gets access to dedicated resources. This means he doesn’t have to share the resources with any other website.

What is cloud hosting?

In cloud hosting India a network of virtual servers is used to host websites. Users only pay for the services they use and not a penny extra. This makes cloud hosting one of the most cost-effective hosting solutions in comparison to traditional hosting solutions.

Main Differences Between Web Hosting And Cloud hosting

Cloud hosting and traditional web hosting offer a unique set of features.  If you are looking for a suitable hosting solution for your company then we would suggest that you carefully analyze your requirements and then depending on your requirements you should make a decision. In order to help you out with the process of decision-making, we are going to explain the major differences between the two hosting solutions.

Here Are Few Advantages Of Cloud Hosting


Shared hosting offers limited resources for the users. On top of that these resources are shared among multiple users. Initially, companies prefer shared hosting because it is more affordable and the host takes care of the maintenance, management, and security of the server. It allows the user to concentrate on other important matters such as revenue and marketing.

Cloud hosting uses a network of virtual servers to host the users website. It is important to carefully analyze the different features offered by different hosting solutions. The right kind of hosting solution can determine the success and failure of your website.


Most of the hosting companies offer additional resources such as automatic backups, free domain registration, and much more. These additional features allow the user to immediately launch their websites in a short span of time.

Cloud hosting provides root access to the user which gives them the ability to reconfigure the server as per their requirement. Cloud hosting also offers instant data recovery in case of a natural disaster. Even in a situation of a server failure, the other servers can take its place ensuring that the users website keeps running without any disturbances.


In traditional hosting, if you are planning to scale up your resources then you would have to change your plan. However, in cloud hosting, you can easily scale your resources up and down without having to change your plan. You would only have to pay for the services that you use making it a very cost-effective hosting solution. You can easily scale up your resources such as RAM, Bandwidth, and CPU with a few simple clicks.

For example, if your website is witnessing a limited amount of traffic then you can scale down your resources and if you are expecting a sudden rise in the amount of traffic that you are going to receive on your website then you can scale up your resources as per your requirement. This is the reason why most of companies prefer cloud hosting in comparison to other hosting solutions.


Hosting service providers also provide protection from hackers, malware and viruses through scanning on a regular basis. Cloud hosting has by far surpassed traditional hosting when it comes to providing security. In traditional hosting users share a single server which increases the chances of unauthorised access by a third party. Cloud hosting on the other hand uses multiple servers to host the website which minimizes the risk of unauthorised access.


The cost completely depends on the hosting service provider. In case of traditional hosting you have to pay a fixed monthly fee. However, in cloud hosting the cost may vary depending on your usage of the resources. It completely depends on your unique requirements. If you are using a fixed set of resources then traditional hosting is more suitable for you and if your requirements keep on changing on a regular basis then you should go for cloud hosting.


Cloud hosting easily surpasses the benefits of shared hosting. However, it completely depends on your unique requirements. Shared hosting might be the most suitable hosting solution for your website especially if your website is small in size and needs very few resources. On the other hand, if your website is growing rapidly and you frequently need to scale up your resources we would suggest that you go for cloud hosting. If you are looking for the most affordable cloud-storage then we would suggest that you check out Cyfuture cloud. They are offering the Best Cloud Storage in India at a reasonable price.

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