Where To Buy Thermal Paste For Your Computer

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Computer hardware is always in demand, but the components don’t always stay in stock for long. So if you need a new thermal paste for your computer, what do you do? That’s where this article comes in handy!

You may have heard of thermal paste (which is usually used on processors and other heat-generating parts) by now, but have you ever thought about how it actually works? This article will give you some insight into the different types of thermal paste and its proper use. Along with a list of places to buy cpu paste for thermal management, read on to learn more.

What Is Thermal Paste?

Thermal paste is a thin layer of thermally conductive material that is applied between a heat dissipating part, like a processor, and the component it’s being placed on. It’s typically used to improve the cooling performance and surface area contact of heat-generating parts.

As you can imagine, thermal paste has a wide range of uses in technology. For example, if you are using thermal paste to cool your processor, there are two types: low-viscosity and high-viscosity. Low-viscosity paste is best for processors with speed ratings below 4 GHz while high-viscosity paste is best for processors with speed ratings above 4 GHz. Thermal paste also comes in varying thicknesses from .1 mm to 2 mm thick.

Another type of thermal paste called compound thermal grease is used to create a rustproof barrier between metal parts or surfaces. Compound thermal grease can be applied onto both metal surfaces and nonmetallic surfaces to protect them against corrosion or oxidation damage. It’s also used as an insulator to inhibit electrical conduction between dissimilar metals such as copper and aluminum.

Types of Thermal Paste

Thermal paste traditionally works to cool a processor or other heat-generating electronics. It’s most often used in the form of a layer placed between two pieces of metal such as a CPU and a heat sink. The paste will spread into the air and dissipate heat, which prevents overheating. You can also find thermal paste that is designed to replace your old paste in case it starts to degrade over time.

Depending on what type you need, there are three different types of thermal paste:

1) Thermal Grease: This type of thermal paste you can use in places where more friction is present, like bearings.

2) Thermal Compound: Thermal compound (which contains metal particles), you can typically use for processors and other heat-generating parts.

3) Mica Paste: Mica is an extra-thin material that you can often mix with gypsum to create this type of thermal paste. You can use it for new computer builds because it allows for more airflow. It means less temperature build-up than greases and compounds do.

Where To Buy Thermal Paste

Thermal paste is a material that you can use to remove heat from a processor. It usually has conductive particles in it and you can apply it with a spreader. The conductive particles allow the paste to transfer heat from the processor to the cooler surface, so it doesn’t heat up too much.

There are two major types of thermal paste: hard compounds and soft compounds. If you’re looking for thermal paste, make sure it’s either soft or hard compound because anything else won’t work well for your processor.

You’ll find what you’re looking for online or at your local computer hardware store. If you’re feeling crafty, try searching online – there are tons of reviews on different brands of thermal paste!

How to Apply Thermal Paste

So you’ve just bought a new thermal paste, but how do you put it on your CPU?

Before applying thermal paste to your CPU, make sure that you have removed any existing thermal paste.

To apply the thermal paste, first clean the CPU. You’ll want to make sure there’s no dust or dirt on the surface of your CPU before applying the new paste. Next, use a toothpick to spread out an even layer of the new thermal paste on top of the old. Once you’ve done this, use your finger or a small spatula to scrape off excess paste from around the edges and corners of the processor. You’ll want to take care not to scrape too hard or else you may damage your processor. Finally, put heat-conducting compound like Arctic MX-2 in between every two processors so they’re all even and contacted with each other.

After putting some compound between every two processors, try turning on your computer and see if it boots successfully! If it crashes or doesn’t boot up properly then you may need to clean off any excess compound or reseat the CPU’s cooling fins in order for it to work properly again.

That’s all there is to it! Now that


In order to make sure your computer will continue to work properly, it is important that you maintain its thermal paste.

If you want to keep your computer running at a steady temperature, your computer needs to be able to “shed” heat. You can achieve it by using a thermal paste to lower the amount of heat the CPU sends out. For the best results, you’ll want to use a thermal paste that is compatible with the CPU you’re installing.

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