Why is Microsoft AZ 900 Exam Popular Amongst Azure Professionals?

Ever wondered how the different information and databases are accessible from any location? 

It is primarily because of cloud computing technology. 

Cloud technology helps in storing and sharing resources, databases, and information. It has multiple advantages such as reducing cost, saving time, etc. Therefore, it has become a necessity for most organizations. 

Microsoft Azure is an extensively used cloud technology. Because of its widespread usage, more professionals are looking to train themselves in the platform and secure high-paying jobs. 

These professionals need the AZ 900 certification to work with Azure. 

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re one of such professionals. So, read on to learn more about the exam.

What Is AZ 900 Exam?

AZ 900 provides knowledge about Microsoft Azure Fundamentals. 

The exam focuses on candidates who have basic knowledge about cloud computing and wish to move forward in the field. It includes fundamental concepts such as cloud security, privacy in Azure, among others. 

Simultaneously, it also intends to prepare candidates for other Microsoft certifications.

Why Is Microsoft AZ 900 Exam Becoming Popular?

Any professional wishing to enter the cloud industry is required to have an understanding of Azure. A Microsoft certification course is an added advantage in finding lucrative jobs.

The Azure fundamentals exam comprises various components of cloud computing. It is conducted in multiple languages and is a beginner-level course. The course also provides a practice test to equip the students for the actual exam.

Here are some key benefits of getting an AZ 900 certification:

  • Take advantage of opportunities in cloud computing

Cloud Computing is a technology that has recently bloomed in the I.T. industry. While there’s a huge demand for professionals, there aren’t many people trained in the field. As such, there are immense opportunities for those new to the cloud. 

The AZ 900 exam is perfect for candidates who have just entered the cloud computing arena. Such Microsoft online courses also prepare the candidate for higher-level certifications in the field. 

  • Improve chances of being hired

A certification is considered as proof that the candidate knows the subject. The same applies to cloud computing. 

A cloud computing certificate in the resume will impress the recruiter and increase the chances of being hired for the job. 

Another reason to have a certification is that it helps build all the required skills, introduces the candidate to the technology and boosts their confidence in using it. It is, therefore, better to be a Microsoft certified professional when looking for jobs in the field of cloud technology.

  • Get access to free training from Microsoft

Everyone likes freebies. An exciting part about the AZ 900 exam of Microsoft is that they will contact you for training. And the plus point is that the training is free.

The training provided is intense and covers all the topics in great detail. This Microsoft certification training is a package for those who are new to cloud computing. Therefore, it aims to make professionals out of beginners in the industry. 

  • Increase chances of earning more with Azure

Microsoft AZ 900 Exam prepares you for jobs related to cloud technologies. It’s considered an essential skill in the I.T. industry. Your chances of getting hired or promoted are better when you have a certificate from Microsoft. 

Apart from getting better positions, you will also see a hike in your salary. Therefore, candidates entering the I.T. industry should have this certificate to improve salary prospects. Furthermore, once you are well-versed with the technicalities of cloud computing, you can also train your juniors and earn respect for your experience. 

  • Open the door for higher-level Certifications and Specializations

Microsoft Azure AZ 900 exam may be a fundamental exam on cloud technologies. But it opens doors to a plethora of future opportunities. Candidates can choose the stream they want to specialize in Azure. The paths to select from include administration, security technologies or Microsoft Artificial Intelligence. 

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Based on the specialization they select, they end up in different roles. Everything is taken care of by the training provided for the AZ 900 exam. It focuses on a variety of components and prepares a candidate for various job roles. 

If you’re looking to get certified in Microsoft Azure, now’s the right time. Job opportunities in the field are booming and need professionals to fill in essential roles. So, go ahead and start training for AZ 900!

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