Why Should You Consider Buying Benchmade Knives?

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Benchmade Knives has been one of the top knives producing companies in the USA for over twenty years for the manufacturing of supreme quality and well-designed knives. Over the years, this organization has built an effective reputation for producing reliable and long-lasting knives. Even though Benchmade knives are a little expensive compared to other brands, the price is very much justifiable if you consider the quality materials, durability, and design of the knives. This article will help you to understand why you should always consider buying Benchmade knives.

Why Benchmade Knives?

Benchmade knives are completely different from other knives due to three incredible characteristics such as materials, mechanism, and manufacturing process. This brand offers you the option to choose from a variety of high-end materials such as S30V and 154 CM stainless steel for the blades of the knives. You will also have G-10 handles. Besides the materials, the knives of this innovative brand have a unique AXIS Lock mechanism. The Griptilian line of the knives is effective to fulfill everyday purposes.

There are four major factors for which you should consider buying Benchmade knives

  1. Excellent Quality:

Benchmade knives are extremely well made with the help of high-tech machinery and experienced technicians.  High quality makes you a perfect. The building quality of the knives is just awesome. You will also have several beautiful designs and different colors for the knives. These knives are compact and precise that eliminates awkward and weak spots.

  1. The reputation of the Company:

This company has developed a great reputation over the years for providing well-made knives and excellent customer service. Due to the smart mechanism and supreme quality of the knives, Benchmade receives tremendous respect from the customers of different areas.


  1. Premium Materials:

In order to produce knives and blades, Benchmade uses high-quality materials. Quality materials make different from others.  So always try to use quality products. You will also have different materials for the blades and handles in different knives. However, the maximum number of knives of this brand is made by a great CPM S30V blade.

  1. Durability:

The significant expertise and premium materials make the knives durable for a long time. Even after using it for a long time, the knives will provide great services. It is very handy and useful for kitchen. Not only kitchen. It is used in different purposes. Therefore, you can rely on the knives with your eyes closed.

Categorization of the Knives:

Benchmade categorizes all its knives into three classes such as-
i) Gold Class:

With ultra-high-end custom designs, these knives are top-class knives and suitable for wealthy collectors. So it is very useful.

ii) Blue Class:

These high-quality knives are perfect for buyers who want to buy for specific tasks and everyday use. For everyday use it is easy to handle. Many people used in their daily lives.

iii) Black Class:

The price of these knives are comparatively low and these knives are suitable for Public Service, Law Enforcement, and Military personnel. The general public can also purchase these knives. General public also purchase this product nowadays. They used in their daily lives.


If you are looking for an everyday carry knife, this article recommends you buy the Benchmade 940-2 Osborne. Both right and left-handed users can use this knife for its incredible reversible pocket clip and the Axis lock. The blade length is 8.6 cm and is made of CPM S30Vstainless steel. Besides the G-10 handle, this knife is light weighted and slim in design. It is very easy to handle. And also very useful in different work purpose.

Therefore, you can rely on the knives with your eyes closed.


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