Why SMS Is The Marketing Tool Of The Future

Mobile migration will continue in 2022. As mobile usage increases across all marketing channels, e-commerce firms are noticing a decline in desktop consumers. Insider Intelligence estimates that mobile e-commerce revenues will hit $362 billion in 2021, up 16% from 2020. Mobile is projected to account for $710 billion of global e-commerce revenues in 2025, more than doubling from its current level. 

If you want to stay up with how the world is transitioning from desktop to mobile, your marketing approach must also change. 

I think Bulk SMS is the future of e-commerce for many reasons, including the fact that many of our e-commerce clients utilise it or you can send Bulk SMS:

It is the quickest marketing medium at your disposal

Faster is preferable in the modern age of microwave meals, UberEats delivery, and Amazon Prime two-day shipping. With marketing, the same is true. If you’re moving too slowly, your audience will be won over by the competitors. Fortunately, Bulk SMS allows you to increase the speed at which you may contact your audience. 

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For capturing sales from a new audience in the past, the majority of regular marketers were forced to use direct mail. Weeks may pass before your target receives this mail-delivery marketing strategy and even more before you hear back. You may now directly communicate with your audience.

Within five minutes, approximately 70% of consumers check their new text messages. Within 30 minutes, more than 90% of people check their new text messages. This is crucial if you need to send an urgent message, such as: 

  • A flash sale with a time constraint
  • Early product launch access
  •  A significant change to an order

It’s important to be able to communicate with your audience rapidly, and SMS provider Australia is the ideal method for doing so. You need your audience to see your urgent marketing message as soon as possible. 

Texting is really private 

What do the majority of individuals do as soon as they wake up? Pray? Meditate? practise being thankful? Not for the majority, most likely. Instead, the majority of individuals first thing in the morning check their phones.

Your target audience has a deep personal relationship with their phone, largely because in the current world, it serves as a bridge between a close bond with their loved ones. It’s a huge thing to ask for someone’s phone number. It is personal. It’s personal. 

We are all aware that building rapport with your consumers is essential to developing lasting connections, which are ultimately what generates money. 

You shouldn’t take it lightly if someone accepts your invitation to enter their “texting world” through SMS marketing. You’ve created more opportunities than any other marketing channel to connect with them personally.

SMS is a bidirectional communication 

In the past, marketing professionals could influence a whole generation with just one line of material. But the days of Don Draper one-liners from Mad Men are long gone. Nowadays, successful marketing depends on hundreds of little encounters. 

SMS allows for a one-on-one interaction, which is why it is so intimate. The term “dialogue” is essential here. It’s a little more official with email. It requires a little more work to respond. Most of the time, having two-way communication is neither required nor particularly wanted.

The most successful marketers establish dialogic email interactions. However, sending this through email is difficult. However, this form of reciprocal communication is assumed while using SMS. 

As was previously discussed, when you can establish rapport with your clients, you may increase income automatically. This is true whether you sell T-shirts door to door or online. 

You may have genuine discussions with your consumers through Bulk SMS. The most effective SMS marketers respond to their audience’s inquiries swiftly, solicit their opinions, and interact with them on a human level.

It performs better than other marketing avenues

In principle, SMS seems like it should function well, but how well does it actually work? 

Even though SMS is still a young marketing technology, we can compare it to email, its closest marketing sibling, to get a sense of how profitable it is. In actuality, SMS should be considered an expansion of email marketing. Similar to email, it allows you to send straightforward, brief communications to a certain group of your audience who have consciously chosen to accept your marketing messages.

Email is one of the most successful marketing platforms, as we all know. In fact, at $44 for every $1 invested, it offers the best return on investment (ROI) of any marketing medium, according to Campaign Monitor. What about SMS, though? 

Although there isn’t a lot of information available on SMS ROI just yet, we can use a few different measures to describe its effectiveness: 

Opening Rates 

The average SMS open rate, according to SMS Comparison, is 98%. This statistic is ludicrous when compared to the typical email open rate, which is between 15% and 20%. Only 2% of your SMS messages will be ignored, compared to close to 80%–85% of your email users who won’t even receive your email.

The offer isn’t always the reason why marketing initiatives fail. Your message could have persuaded your audience, but perhaps it just got lost in the noise. SMS excels because of its remarkable deliverability, which has a nearly 100% open rate. 

The percentage of clicks 

A whopping 43% of business owners reported typical SMS click-through rates (CTRs) of 20% to 35%, Another 28% reported typical 10%–20% SMS CTRs. This indicates that 10% to 35% click-through rates are achieved through SMS for more than 71% of business owners. Email analytics from previously are insignificant in contrast. Also keep in mind that these SMS stats are only averages.

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There’s no knowing how profitable this expanding channel will be without a well-planned SMS strategy. However, much as with emails, perhaps people will ultimately start ignoring it. There is little doubt that SMS marketing will become more popular as the e-commerce industry gets more mobile.

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