Plesk vs. cPanel VPS hosting What should I choose?

cPanel VPS – Learn the basic features for Plesk and cPanel VPS hosting side by side to buy the best windows VPS hosting with bitcoin.

Setting up your online existence, you have to be wary about your domain and hosting choices. Indeed, every hosting type offers its pros and cons. However, after carefully considering all the aspects of the hosting solutions, the final verdict declares VPS hosting the most preferable. Indeed, VPS is considered a viable option due to its flexible control and amazing performance attributes.

However, apart from choosing the hosting solution, a newbie also struggles with the mechanisms of managing the hosting servers. Concerning the management of hosting servers, there has been fierce competition between Plesk and cPanel VPS hosting.

 What is a control panel?

You will need a control panel if you are not a tech-savvy person or just a novice being quite cerebral to buy windows VPS with bitcoin. A control panel serves you with a user-friendly graphical interface for the administration of server resources.

Whether you VPS pay with bitcoin or dedicated hosting, you can optimize your progress to the maximum with the right control panel. For example, a control panel helps you perform the following tasks.

  • Managing the domain names
  • FTP management
  • Managing the email system; email quotas, spam prevention, and email addresses
  • Visualize the server statistics
  • Adjust security of the server; spam filter, and firewall
  • Installation of the server software
  • Database management which includes either MySQL or PostgreSQL
  • SSH user key management

Plesk vs. cPanel VPS hosting

While deciding on a handy tool for managing your VPS BTC, the two most viable options you will come across include Plesk and cPanel. Both offer unique persuading features.

cPanel has been around since 1996, and it has been serving well in its operation. Since then, it has become a standard for commercial servers. The key features include;

  • Linux-based
  • Can work alongside the WHM for powering a hosting platform
  • A plethora of handy tools such as for database and backup
  • The ability to set up CMSs with intuitive installers

On the contrary, as a control panel solution for windows-based hosting in response to the Linux-only cPanel, Plesk was released in 2001 so that you may easily buy windows VPS with bitcoin.

However, Plesk offers its versions for Linux as well. The key features of Plesk include;

  • Support for both the Linux and Windows servers
  • Installers for the popular CMSs
  • Out of the box account and server management features

1.   Security 

Whether you choose Plesk or Cpanel VPS hosting, both the control panels have got you covered quite well.


  • With cPanel, the users get SSH access, hotlink protection, IP blocker, two-factor authentication, leech protection, and ModSecurity.
  • ConfigServer Security & Firewall support
  • Filters for email spam
  • AutoSSL/TLS for eCommerce
  • SSH/shell access
  • Password-protected directories
  • cPHulk brute force protection


  • Fail2ban scans the log files and bans the IP addresses seen as malicious.
  • Spam filters
  • Active Directory integration
  • ImunifyAV, an antivirus and monitoring tool
  • Plesk custom firewall for you to configure
  • Social media integration

Apart from the security features mentioned above, both the control panels serve you the best if you get your VPS pay with bitcoin

2.   Interface Intuitiveness  

The control panels offer you an advanced, user-friendly, and attractive user interface. Plesk and Cpanel offer you the ultimate access to mobile devices, both IOS and Android. However, a good breakdown of the user interfaces in Plesk and cPanel VPS hosting indicates that the newbies find Plesk more user-friendly. Let’s have a look here.


It offers you a convey of different applications that improve the user experience. Furthermore, the overall layout is well-categorized; tools and applications are grouped, and each group may be moved along the visual hierarchy. Hence, it facilitates the selection of functions as per your preference.


In contrast to cPanel, the home page of Plesk is cleaner and less confusing to ­­the beginners. It organizes the features based on the individual sites you host on the setup. For example, you will have to select the domain, and then you can configure the respective settings.

Furthermore, Plesk gives its customers custom choices complying with their OS. Hence, the user interface varies from one user to another due to different OS and the version bought. The Plesk interface is organized section-wise.

In short, with cPanel VPS, the interface focuses on the features. However, with Plesk, the primary focus is on the domain.

3.   Compatibility


Here comes a bit of limitation to the cPanel because it is only Linux based control panel. Therefore, you can use cPanel only with the following operating systems.

  • Amazon Linux
  • CloudLinux
  • CentOS
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux


Luckily, Plesk is a cross-platform control panel that offers you a wider variety of choices concerning operating systems. Plesk  VPS pay with bitcoin lets you freely choose your OS from the following;

  • Windows Server
  • CentOS
  • CloudLinux
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Virtuozzo Linux
  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Here, it is noteworthy that you cannot just buy one software suite on multiple machines with different OS. Rather, you have to purchase a specific Plesk option for one specific operating system.

4.   Customer support

Once you buy windows VPS with bitcoin from a reputable domain and hosting agency, Navicosoft, you will get immense support from both, whatever the control panel you choose.

Plesk help desk serves you around the clock seven days a week. Whereas the Cpanel help desk is available to the clients Monday through Friday from 6 AM to 6 PM CST, and you can reach them on Saturday and Sunday from 6 AM to 4 PM CST.

Last Word!

In short, cPanel VPS hosting offers you a wide variety of control options for VPS operations with a handy interface. Indeed, it serves as a powerful management tool for your Windows hosting plan. On the contrary, if you seek to have options concerning operating systems, Plesk is the choice because it is compatible with both Linux and Windows.

Bitcoins are a safe and convenient method to pay for services like web hosting. Payments are (nearly) instantaneous, which is a significant benefit. Many businesses believe in and support decentralized currencies like Bitcoins, and would that more service providers did as well.

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