White Tea: Origin, Types and Benefits

When we think of healthy teas, white teas can be a great option to go with.  This tea is one of the most unique tea types and has minimal processing.  This tea is harvested before the tea leaves open completely and are covered with fine white hairs.

The tea leaves for white tea are handpicked unfurled buds and leaves and have the least oxidization.  This tea type is beneficial for both your mental and physical well being. The high anti oxidants in the white tea leaves make it extremely likeable.  You can get white tea both online and offline.

The origin of white tea 

White tea comes from China but now is available in different countries of the world.  These tea leaves are among the youngest and newest buds. These tea leaves have come in use from centuries and from the imperial dynasties.  Similarly, people used to have imperial tea gardens in which white tea leaves were grown. Being helpful to the health, white brings instant energy and freshness in the body.

How white tea is different from normal tea types? 

The only difference that makes white tea the most unique is the least processing and oxidation of tea leaves. The long tea leaves of the camellia sinensis plant is left in open for a longer than usual during its harvesting time. These tea leaves are then rolled, crushed and given a shape as the requirement of the tea.

The types of white tea 

With the development in time, many tea flavors for white tea have emerged. With different ingredients and countries cultivating their own white tea, the newer versions are getting into the market. Silver buds Darjeeling white tea, white elixir tea, silver needle white tea etc are the most famous white tea. You can get loose tea leaves as well tea bags of these white teas and enjoy the brew.

Benefits of white tea 

  • White tea is extremely rich in antioxidants and makes it a perfect beverage to start your day with. Its tea powder is also helpful for reducing inflammation.
  • You can also drink white tea in place of your regular tea types of you want to shed a little weight. The consumptions of these tea leaves can be helpful in managing your weight for a longer run.
  • Drinking white tea can help you enjoy your oral hygiene by fighting with the bacteria in your mouth. The fluorides in the white tea help in maintaining teeth resistant to acid attacks and prevent dental cavities. If you start your day with a cup of white tea, you are doing the best for your oral health.
  • The health condition of your bones can become really good with consumption of white tea. For conditions like osteoporosis, where you bone can become hollow and porous, drinking white tea can help. With the quality of white tea treating inflammation and suppressing free radicals, it can do wonders with people having osteoporosis. Catechins in the white tea help in treating many risk factors and aids bone growth. In other words, white tea has catechin has the prime ingredient and in abundant in comparison to other health tea types.
  • If you are consuming white tea on a regular basis, you can see better results in your usual skin. We all are aware of the fact that with time, your skin wrinkles and looser.  The enzyme present in the white tea makes it great for skin. Similarly, your skin actually glows with consumption of white tea and you maintain a clearer skin.
  • The consumption of white tea may also help in lowering the risk of insulin resistance. You can buy white tea online and develop this healthy habit without making any significant change in your routine.
  • The best part is that buying white tea online is any easy task. You can choose from your favorite tea type and enjoy its health benefits.

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Above all white tea is a great option and an alternative to basic tea types. It can help you to maintain your health along with enjoying its taste; get your pack of white tea. If you want to buy tea online, then you need to visit any kind of online tea store and you can get it with discounts and offers.


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